Black Dog Video Newsletter March 28 – Apr 3rd “Burnt Dad-Bod Edition!”


The sun sets on the Mayan observatory!

Just got back from a few weeks of burning my bloated “Dad-Bod” in the scorching Mexican sun! It wasn’t intentional as I generally try to stay out of the hot rays, but there’s just so many of them in Mexico! I got fried but I will spare you the grisly photos (the above photo I took of a Mayan observatory at Chichen Itza – much nicer). It was pretty wonderful – we swam in crystal clear waters (sometimes with stingrays!) ate tasty food, toured amazing ruins and generally had a great time. Now back to the crushing reality of life – taxes, rain, devising ways to keep this operation running, rain, work. Did I mention the rain?

Just wanted to throw out a nice thanks to James C. for the awesome donation of stellar DVDS to Black Dog! This will help us out immensely. Expect to see a bunch new additions to the shelves for rent as well as on the sale racks.

New Releases that are fresh on the shelves since I’ve been gone!



20th Century Women – Highly-touted flick about three women, Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning, who explore love and freedom and other nice things in Southern California in the 1970’s. Directed by a guy for some reason.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Fresh, Harry Potter-universe-set thingy about a weird fella, Eddie Redmayne (not too sure about this guy), whose magical beasts escape from his magical bag and wreak magical havoc in olde timey New York. Pretty entertaining fun little ditty.


Gimme Danger – Great doc about Iggy Pop and the Stooges as directed by Jim Jaramuch and, well, just Jim Jaramuch.


Live By Night – Bat Affleck stars and writes and directs this olde timey Boston (Baastin – my Boston accent made into words!) gangster flick.


London Road – Odd musical number about prostitutes getting murdered in a certain area of London. Stars the Tom Hardy.


Master of None – Fine, hilarious little comedy about an Indian fella (Aziz Ansari) trying to make it as an actor in NY. Well worth checking out.


Monster Calls – Family fantasy adventure drama about a boy who turns to a tree monster to help cope when his mom becomes terminally ill. Better than a Swamp Thing I suppose.


Numb – Chilly thriller from Canada about a down-on-their luck couple who hear about gold in them darn hills and set out to get rich. Of course things don’t go as planned. Or do they? They do not! Probably.


Patriot’s Day – Surprisingly good (from what I hear) thriller and what-not about that Boston (Baastin!) marathon bombing a few years ago. Stars the Marky-Mark!

MV5BZWYxODViMGYtMGE2ZC00ZGQ3LThhMWUtYTVkNGE3OWU4NWRkL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjYwNDA2MDE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Planet Earth II – More animals doing what they do best, living, loving and eating each other. Amazing footage.


Silence – Martin Scorsese directs one of the Spider-Mans, the guy from the Taken movies and the latest Darth Vader-like bad guy in this grim tale of religious dudes trying to bring the good word (whatever that may be) to the people of 17th century Japan. Really want to see this one! Love me some Marty S!


Three – Cool sounding crime thriller from the master, Johnny To, about a guy waiting for his henchmen to rescue him in the hospital after he takes a bullet. Love me some Johnny To!

There are many more, too many really, for me to list that have also graced the shelves as of late. Come on in and take a look around.

New Criterions for Your Lovely Eyes!

Aki Kaurismaki’s Proletariot Trilogy – Includes Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, The Match Factory Girl
Being There
Blow Up
Punch Drunk Love (Blu Ray)

Coming Soon!

Rouge One: Star Wars Story
Hidden Figures
Mars Season 1
Toni Erdmann

Need some recommendations? Click here!

There’s a cool new David Lynch doc you should know about! I guess it dwells in his art realms. We love the Lynch and I’m sure this will be pretty interesting. Check out more info here Facebook: @davidlynchtheartlife and here Twitter: @DavidLynchArt

That’s it for this week folks! Stay dry, keep warm, be nice and remember, keep watching!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter March 7 – 13 “We’re 21 Edition!”


Holy hotdogs, Jim!

Whoa! I came to the realization on Sunday that we’re 21! Twenty-friggin-one! It just kind of snuck up on me that 21 years ago we first opened our doors to the public. What a long strange, but great, trip it’s been. It’s quite amazing and I thank my lucky stars that I’ve been able to do this for so long. We’ve met some wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) people along the way, both as customers and staff. And that’s been the best part of this job, the people. Sure we have an incredible selection of films but it’s the getting to know some of you fabulous folks that made this trip so special. We’ve had many ups and downs along the way but the ups by far outweigh the downs. Here’s to 21 more years!

Note – I’ll be taking a break from the newsletter for the next couple of weeks. I hope that y’all can get by without me!

New Releases


Elle – Controversial (what else would you expect from Paul Verhoeven and Isabelle Huppert?) about a woman who’s viciously attacked in her home and sets out to find the sleaze-bag POS responsible. But it doesn’t end there. I watched this the other night and while I thought it was a damn good film and she is amazing in it, I am still unsure how I feel about it. Check it out if you dare and see what you think?


Eyes of My Mother – Cool-looking intense horror film about a lonely young woman who, after tragedy strikes her family, is consumed by her deepest, darkest, nastiest desires. Filmed in lovely black and white. Sounds pretty much perfect!


Fences – Big time acting from Denzel and Viola Davis highlight this stage to screen adaptation about a working class fella (I can only assume that he makes fences of some sort, unless “fences” is symbolic of his life and the relationships he builds with family and friends?) trying to raise his family in NY of the 1950s. On Blu Ray at the moment, DVDs should be here soon.


Jackie – Natalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy in the days following the assassination of her husband (JFK) in this bio-pic from the director of No, The Club and Tony Manero. Heard good things.


Moana – Lovely animated fare about a feisty Chieftain’s daughter in ancient Polynesia who fights a terrible curse that’s been foisted upon her island.


Passengers – Two extremely good-looking actors wake up out of frozen cryogenic sleep on a spaceship 90 years too early! What are they going to do to pass the time? Well, besides that.


People vs Fritz Bauer – Intense drama about the dude who tracked down notorious Nazi Adolph Eichmann and brought him to justice. Go Nazi hunters!


Windy City Heat – Insanely hilarious movie (from what I’ve been told by quite reliable sources) from Bobcat Goldthwait follows a guy who thinks he’s making an awesome movie but what he doesn’t know is that it’s all a ruse. Sucker. Stars the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Daly and other funny lads.

Coming Soon! (over the next few weeks)

Autopsy of Jane Doe
Assassin’s Creed
Fire at Sea
In Dubious Battle
Live by Night
Master of None S1
Miss Sloane
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Patriots Day
Planet Earth II
The Silence

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Dr. Strange
Windy City Heat
The Fits
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Under the Shadow
Train to Busan

For more tasty selections please click on this here button!

That’s it for this week, folks. I’ll be back all fresh and full of words in a few weeks. Stay warm, stay dry and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Newsletter February 28 – March 6th “Whoops, Ahem Edition”!


“La La Land! Moonlight! La La Land!! Moonlight!! It’s La La Land and Moonlight!”


Well that was a bit of craziness for an Academy Awards show now wasn’t it? I felt a bit bad for Bonnie and Clyde up there all befuddled like. It was as if we were watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Livened things up a bit it did though. I love all the conspiracy theories floating around from Russian hackers to Wall St manipulation to an attempt to increase the ratings on the already most popular broadcast in the world. Hilarious.

New Releases


Doctor Strange – Pretty fun, visually impressive piece of fluff from the Marvel Universe. Annoying Doctor (name is Strange and is played by a guy named Cumberbatch) travels to Nepal in an attempt to regain his hand powers and becomes involved in a world of mystical arts and saving the world and stuff. Worth checking out, especially if you have a “prescription” from one of the many new “pharmacies” that have popped up recently.


Men Go To Battle – Neat-looking western comedy about a couple of brothers trying to hold their estate together in a small Kentucky town during the US Civil War. I wonder how long until the next US civil war? We should have a pool.

MV5BMjM4MjkyMjY2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDI2OTQ4OTE@._V1_UY268_CR0,0,182,268_AL_ Miss Hokusai – Nice looking animated fare from Japan about the life of a famous artist – Miss Hokusai!


Moonlight – Best Picture winner (why is it we only use the word “picture” when we describe an Academy Award nominated film? No one ever says, “Hey did you see that great picture, “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo?!” It’s always movie or film) about the life of a guy growing up in a tough neighbourhood in Miami. I’m sure that there’s much more to it that my lame synopsis.


One Man and His Cow – An Algerian fellow is overjoyed to find that his favourite cow, Jacqueline (hee-hee), has been accepted into the best cow competition in Paris, France. Hilarity and some touching moments, I presume, ensue.


Quarry Season 1 – Dude named Quarry (hence the title of the show, I suppose) returns home from Vietnam (no, he wasn’t on vacation, it’s 1972) only to find hostility and disillusionment wherever he goes. So what does he do? Takes a job as a hitman, of course.


Rules Don’t Apply – The suddenly ubiquitous Warren Beatty is back! Here he plays Howard Hughes (he also directed the film – Beatty, not Hughes) who is the boss of an up-and-coming actress and his driver. Romance, comedy and probably some drama, I presume, ensues.


Shut In – Naomi Watts is caught slumming it in this middling horror number about a isolated psychologist who has to rescue a boy from another dimension or something like that. I always enjoyed watching hockey back in the day when the announcer would throw a shout-out to all the “shut-ins” watching the game that night. I don’t know why I found that funny, but I did.


Trespass Against Us – British crime drama (man they make a lot of crime dramas) about a dude – Michael Fassbender – who wants to leave his gangsta family headed by head gangsta, Brendon Gleeson. Good cast. Good crime.


Wheeler – Odd sounding film has Stephen Dorff applying some make-up and pretending to be a country singing guy who goes to Nashville to “make it”. I guess the draw is that nobody realizes this is a movie being made and lots of country stars are featured as is lots of real live music.

Coming Soon!

Eyes of my Mother
Collateral Beauty

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Dr Strange
Nocturnal Animals
Manchester by the Sea
Hell or High Water
Train to Busan
The Handmaiden

Here’s a nice link if you need scads more recommendations.

Have a fine week folks! Never mind that snow you saw this morning.

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