Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 27 – Jan 2 “List of Lists Edition!”


This is kind of sad today.

The time has come to burden you all with lists! Everyone loves lists, right? Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be featuring the Black Dog staffers compilations of the best films and stuff of the year! Scroll on down to check out the first couple!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read my summation of 2016 last week, here’s another chance! Now with even more deceased celebrities!

New Releases!


Dog Eat Dog – Pretty good pedigree for this straight to video crime caper: Paul Schrader directs, Willem Dafoe and Nic Cage (because he hasn’t been in a movie in a few weeks) star and written by noted criminal Eddie Bunker. Don’t know if it’s good or not, but what the hey, there are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Right?


In the Valley of Violence – And what I said for the above movie can apply here. Just add Ti West for director and Ethan Hawke and John Travolta for the stars. And it’s a western. Expect lots of violence, a smattering of comedy and some sneaking around buildings.


Little Men – Nice little character piece about a couple of boys whose friendship is tested when their respective parents fight over a dress shop or something like that. Heard very nice things about this one.


Oasis: Supersonic – Swell documentary about those nitwit brothers with the hairy eyebrows who made music in a band called Oasis.


Ray Donovan Season 4 – More tough guy shenanigans brought to in this quality show.


Snowden – While initially disappointed that this wasn’t about some frisky coeds who were snowed-in someplace in the woods, I was impressed with this effort from Oliver Stone about famed whistleblower Ed Snowden. And while the relationship aspect of the tale falls pretty flat, the rest is quite intriguing and thrilling. The funny thing with whistleblowers in the moves is that American audiences cheer for them but in real life they’re looked at as traitors. Maybe this will help change things. Maybe it won’t.


The Tumbledown – Nice-looking drama finds Rebecca Hall as a women whose folk-singer husband recently died. Jason Sudakis is a journalist who talks to her about things. Much drama, I presume, ensues.

Coming Soon!

When the Bough Breaks
American Honey
Blair Witch
Girls Season 5
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Shetland Season 3

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Swiss Army Man
Neon Demon
Bigger Splash

And now without further ado (all out of ado anyways) may I present to the first in a slew of upcoming best of the year lists!



1. OJ: Made in America
2. Spotlight
3. Mustang
4. The Lobster
5 Room
6. Hail, Caesar!
7. Fargo S2
8. Carol
9. The Hateful Eight
10. The Club
11. Diary of a Teenage Girl
12. The Stanford Prison Experiment
13. Theeb
14. Green Room
15. The People Vs. OJ Simpson
16. The Look of Silence
17. Hitchcock / Truffaut
18. Sleeping Giant
19. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
20. Entertainment


Another Year, 2010
Burden of Dreams, 1982
Cape Fear, 1991
Calvary, 2014
Flirting, 1991
Mad Love, 1935
Monsieur Verdoux, 1947
My Best Fiend, 1999
Only Yesterday, 1991
The Thing From Another World, 1951

And from Patrick!

1. everybody wants some!!
2. certain women
3. moonlight
4. heart attack
5. love and friendship
6. embrace of the serpent
7. under the shadow
8. paterson
9. kaili blues
10. hypernormalisation

That’s if for this week, my lovelies. We’ll be back next year with even more nice things for all you nice people!

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Black Dog Newsletter December 20-26 “Smell Ya Later, 2016, Edition!”


‘nough said

I don’t think too many of us will be sad to see 2016 left behind. For some reason we measure things by an arbitrary number on a calendar and put meaning and value onto those things that fall within the assigned perimeters. It’s not like any series of unfortunate events will stop at the turn of the 2017 clock. Everyone is going to die at some point. Except…read more...

Just so ya know out holiday hours look a little like this..

December 24th 12-7
December 25th Closed
December 31st 12-8
January 1st – Regular hours

New Releases!


31 – Just in time for Christmas comes a new Rob Zombie horror flick! I have to admit I love when horror films come out (and I do enjoy the Zombie for the most part) at this time of year. I don’t know why, maybe it seems more evil or something. Not to sure what this one’s about, probably a killer killing, I imagine.


The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years – Great doc from Ron Howard compiles a bunch of live Beatles shows and what not. If you like the Beatles (I think there’s a couple of you out there) check it out.


Eden – Good time party movie from France about a guy who starts a DJ collective that likes to hang out, play music, do some drugs and get busy. Yes please!


Florence Foster Jenkins – Meryl Streep is the titular character in this comedy about a old nice lady who wants to be an opera singer despite having a terrible singing voice.



Goat – Drama about a fella who joins a frat and doesn’t seem to like the hazing and bullying and all that crap. Based on a memoir from a guy.


Hitchcock/Truffaut – A doc featuring many cool filmmakers who talk about how a book the Truffaut wrote about the Hitchcock influenced them as filmmakers. And also it’s about the time the two directors fought in a bare knuckle cage match for charity a long time ago.


In Order of Disappearance – Stellan Skarsgard (who, for some reason, autocorrects occasionally to “Stellar Skateboard” on my phone) plays a dad who’s son gets himself murdered. So Stellar Skateboard goes about seeking revenge inadvertently setting off a big gang war in this stellar black comedy.


Magnificent 7 – Remake of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai updated for the kids these days. Has your Denzel, your Pratt, an Ethan Hawke and at least 4 others.


Phantasm: Ravager – Last Phantasm ever! It’s a weird jumbled mess of a movie that still had some sweet Phantasmingly good moments. Wouldn’t those killer silver balls make nice Christmas tree ornaments?


Storks – Cartoon storks deliver things. Much hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Sully – True-life drama starring Tom Hanks as the large blue monster guy from Monster’s Inc., who is now a commercial airline pilot, and has to crash a plane in the Hudson River for some reason.


Get it?

Coming Soon!

In the Valley of Violence
Ray Donavan Season 4

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Swiss Army Man
Don’t Breathe
Captain Fantastic
Hell or High Water
Preacher Season 1
Better Call Saul Season 2
De Palma
Don’t Think Twice
A Bigger Splash

That’s it for this week folks! We still have some socks and gift certificates and shirts left for last minute stocking stuffing ideas! Have a swell holiday. Eat and drink and do whatever it is that you do.

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2016: The Year Nobody Loved.

I don’t think many of us will be sad to see 2016 left behind. For some reason we measure things by an arbitrary number on a calendar and put meaning and value onto those things that fall within the assigned perimeters. It’s not like any series of unfortunate events will stop at the turn of the 2017 clock. Everyone is going to die at some point. Except Kirk Douglas. He’s 100! And Olivia DeHavilland. She’s also 100! And that guy who eats organic foods they advertise in the chicken shop on the Drive – 179 Years Old Man!


“Death has forgotten me and now I have lost all hope to die!”

But in terms of this short essay, let’s just say that 2016 wasn’t the best year in the recorded history of the human race. The bummer list is long as many cherished celebrities passed: Carrie Fisher, George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Mrs. Brady. Yet Dick Chaney, Bill Cosby and Ted Nugent continue to live! Where’s the justice in that?!  The crisis in Syria worsened as refugees flooded the globe and xenophobia became front and centre in many places. Even more celebrities died: Anton Yelchin, Alan Rickman, Fidel Castro (he’s a celebrity, right). Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the U.S. (still swishing that sentence around in my mouth). And still more famous people shuffled off this mortal coil: Abe Vigoda (although I think everyone thought he died years ago), George Kennedy, and Schneider from One Day at a Time (there are tons more. Just watch the Oscars In Memoriam for the full list).


RIP sweet prince.

On the store front it was a good and bad year. Good that we’re still here able to provide you with the finest in home movie entertainment. Bad when a disgruntled former employee launched a lawsuit against Black Dog with the intention of shutting us down. It was complicated and stupid and dragged on for over nine months until we were able to settle out of court. It was a stressful, ridiculous time as I didn’t know if this was going to sink us or not. But then we had a stroke of good luck as we acquired a large collection of incredible films which we put together for a couple of amazing sales. The profits helped us immensely with all the legal crap. We really could have used that money for better purposes but, whatever, it was sort of worth it as this person is no longer with us much to everyone’s approval and rejoicing. That trash has been taken out. We’ve had a number of setbacks over the years – the great fire of 2004, the Canada Line construction that dragged on for years, the passing of our good friend, John, and the general ravages of the internet age. Add this one to the pile. But we’ve managed to fight through everything and still stay afloat. You can’t keep a good dog down!

So what does 2017 hold for your favourite video shop? I have no idea but my main goal is to be writing another one of these missives a year from now. I am super grateful to be able to still be doing this in these crazy times and I owe a huge debt to all of you lovely folk who continue to get out of your homes and trundle on down to our shops. Without you, we are nothing. I hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday filled with family, friends, cold and hot drinks and some great flicks. Cheers to you all!

Black Dog Newsletter December 13 – 19 “Keep it in Your Hood Edition!”


Wow. The Drive hasn’t changed a bit.

I recently posted some thoughts about the importance of buying local, especially at this time of year and what it means, not only to us, but to communities overall. Read this missive here if it pleases you.

We have gift certificates for you to stuff into various stockings this Christmas as well as a few shirts and Studio Ghibi merch at both locations (more shirts and socks on the way to Commercial). You’ll be loved and talked about for years.

New Releases!


Ben-Hur – They made another Ben-Hur? I guess that they did. Here it is.


Bridget Jones’s Baby – From the “sequel that no-one asked for” vault comes this latest instalment in the ongoing saga of B. Jones. In this one she finds herself preggers but is unsure of who the father is? I’m hoping its either an alien or Fonzie.


Chevalier – From the director of the excellent Greek film Attenberg comes this absurdist comedy about some dudes on a boat who decide to play some games to see who is the best man. Things will be tested. Things will be measured. Friends will become rivals and rivals will become hungry. Where does it end?! (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Complete Unknown – Neat-looking drama finds Michael Shannon (and his enormous head) moving with his wife somewhere. Then at a birthday party, Rachel Weisz, a woman from his past who also has a habit of changing identities for some reason, shows up to complicate things.


Equity – Breaking Bad’s wife is a high-falutin investment banker who must untangle a web of corruption that threatens her world. Sounds heavy.


Fear the Walking Dead S2 – Season 2 of Walking Dead‘s ghastly little brother.


Francofonia – Art. History. Death. All of these nice things during the Nazi occupation of France and how it effected the Louvre is told through Russian director Sokurov’s perspective.


Green is Gold – Tough well-made indie effort about a kid who has to go live with his older brother who dabbles in the weed trade. Much drama, jumping in lakes and talk of weed, I presume, ensues.


Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children – Tim Burton is back with another movie! Something to do with a kid that has odd powers who discovers a school with more weirdo kids run by Eva Green. Things then happen.


Morgan – Horror sci-fi number about a fake human who may or may not murder people. May.


My Golden Days – Nice nostalgia-laced French flick about a guy who reflects back on his past including a trip to the USSR where he got laid for the first time. (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Suicide Squad – Will Smith is Beardy McShootinington! Margot Robbie is Woman in Short Shorts! Jared Leto is Shitty Joker! It’s the Suicide Squad! Available in theatrical cut and an even longer cut on the BLU RAY – now with even more terrible movie!


Taxi – Jafar Panhi is banned by the Iranian government from making movies (in real life!). So he poses as a cab driver, drives around Tehran and talks about all kinds of things. Pretty damn brave thing to do if you ask me. (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

Beatles: Eight Days a Week
Little Men
Oasis: Supersonic
Dad’s Army
Magnificent Seven

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Don’t Breathe
Hell or High Water
Captain Fantastic
Preacher Season 1
De Palma
Don’t Think Twice
Kubo and the Two Strings
Game of Thrones Season 6
Sausage Party
Night of
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Swiss Army Man

That’s it for this week folks! Stay warm. Stay hydrated. Keep watching. Here’s a link to other new stuff we like and that you may as well!

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In Da Hood

Shop local. That’s all I have to say. Well that and a few more words about shopping local. I know that it’s easy to sit back, make a few clicks and have some poor schmuck in an Amazon warehouse somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey lurch on down the isle and grab your  designer bread gloves or your flavoured wallpaper to ship to your home. Some more adventurous types might even make it of the house only to trot on down to a Walmart or Winners or some big box nightmare in the hopes of saving a few bucks on some alarmingly inexpensive items. But is it really worth it?  Most of the cheap stuff at these places is cheap for a reason – it’s made overseas by underpaid, sometimes tortured, women and children – and it inevitably falls apart faster than Donald Trump’s presidency (here’s hoping anyways). Is the best that we can do? Where’s the value?


Really a thing!


It was just after 10pm when Tim’s LSD kicked in.

You know where there is value? In supporting your local neighbourhood shops and services. Imagine walking down the Drive or the Cambie Village and having most of the stores boarded up or having them replaced by a money mart type of hell-hole or pizza by the slice joints? How depressing would that be? Part of what makes living in these hoods amazing is the variety of fine little stores and restaurants and services. The more folks that don’t support these local haunts, the lesser the quality of life becomes for everyone. I mean, really, wouldn’t you rather support some small independent place where you get to know the staff, enjoy the atmosphere and experience or would you rather give your hard earned dollars to giant soulless corporation that dons’t give a rats ass about anyone but their shareholders?


All CEO’s look like this, right?

Here at your local video store we aren’t still doing this because it’s going to make us filthy rich! Far from it. We’re still doing this because we love what we do and believe in the importance of still having this collection of films available to all of you. And it’s because of you fine folks who continue to support us that we are still here. Obviously I understand what’s going on in this increasingly online world but it seems to me that things might be moving a little too fast. In the last 5 years or so we’ve gone from a proliferation of great stores  – Videomatica, They Live, Happy Bats, Limelight, Independent Flicks, Applause – to just us. That’s insane. To me it’s a cultural thing that’s been lost and nothing of substance has come along to replace it.  Netflix is fine for their original programming but they are abysmal in their film selection. Torrent sites are of dubious quality and are being shut-down left and right. Apple and Shaw on Demand and their ilk have, outside of expensive new releases, nothing to offer. I just don’t get it. Are we supposed to just settle for the content that they say we can watch? Have we become so lazy and accustomed to convenience that it just comes down to the fact that we don’t want to leave the house? Bullshit! That’s what I say. It makes me sad and more than a little angry that we’re now on the endangered species list. The way I see it is there is room for all of us to exist. All it would take is just one or two visits to Black Dog a month from all you amazing movie lovers to help us continue to provide to you the best of what cinema has to offer.


A passerby observes the video store in it’s natural habitat…

And I’m not here just yaking at you about supporting Black Dog, but also all the fabulous little joints the dot our landscape. There are so many great shops up and down the hubs of this city – record shops, bookstores, clothing and stuff, restaurants, the list goes on – that need your support, especially at this time of year that’s is so crucial to so many businesses. Would you rather help pay for another helicopter landing pad on the CEO of Amazon’s yacht or would you rather support the people and their families that contribute to making this great grey world a little brighter?


“Think we can squeeze one more on there?” says, Money C. McYachtington

So if you want to support a place that offers great service, an amazing collection of films that you’re not going to find anywhere else in town (or online for that matter), chat with our wonderful, knowledgable staff and go home with something great, drop in anytime (well, when we’re open)! Or if you want to settle for mediocrity and give your dough to some fat cat millionaires who don’t give two fucks about you, then by all means please do so. But just think about the end result of all of that. And this doesn’t stop at our door, check out all the other fabulous shops, not just in the hoods already mentioned, but wherever you live. You’ll be glad that you did.

Black Dog Newsletter Dec 6th – 13th “Snow Day Edition!


Actual photo!

Nice to see a fine frosty blanket of the white stuff (snow) cover this fair city. It’s been a while and I do love the snow. Keeping fingers and toes and other parts crossed that it sticks around until Christmas (albeit not likely).

Just a little reminder about a few things – all of our Christmas films are only $3.75 for a 3 night rental! Deck the halls is what I say! And over at Bomber Brewing, starting on Monday, they will be showing flicks, curated by Black Dog, on their big screen in the tasting room. Beers will be cheap and delicious and the movies terribly entertaining. I could think of worse ways to spend a Monday eve.

New Releases!


De Palma – Excellent, from what I’ve been told by folks in the know, doc about iconic filmmaker Brian De Palma. I’m very interested in this one as he’s one of my favourite directors (Carrie, Phantom of the Paradise, Body Double, Scarface and so on). Our apologies but it’s only available on the Blu Ray for some stupid reason.


Don’t Think Twice – Much ballyhooed comedy about an improve group in NYC who suffers some trials and tribulations and other stuff when one of them gets a big break.


The Hollars – Fine cast of actors act around in this comedy/drama about a guy who returns home when his mom falls ill and has to undergo surgery. Sounds hilarious.


I Am Bolt – Doc about that really fast man, Usain Bolt, and how he runs so darn fast. He can run faster backwards with no legs than I can forwards at my top speed! It’s insane how fast Usain runs in the rain while in Spain, mainly on the plain…OK I’ll stop now.


Jason Bourne – Aka MATT DAMON! Another kick at the can for the old super spy doing that super spy stuff that you all love. Tommy Lee Jones, who a friend describes as having a face made up of 50 miles of bad road, is along for the ride as well.


Secret Life of Pets – Pets do the darnedest things when you’re not around! Find out what it is! I wish my lazy kittens would shovel the sidewalk while I’m at work instead of breaking all my things.


Siren – Full movie version of that terrific bit from the original V/H/S anthology movie about a lady demon who hangs out in nightclubs and eats various men.

Coming Soon!

The Beatles – Eight Days a Week
Complete Unknown
In Order of Disappearance
Phantasm: Ravager
Bridget Jones’ Baby
Fear the Walking Dead S2
Florence Foster Jenkins
Green is Gold
Little Men
Oasis: Supersonic
Suicide Squad

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Captain Fantastic
Blood Father
De Palma
Don’t Think Twice
Don’t Breathe
Hell or High Water
Kubo and the Two Strings
Game of Thrones Season 6
Sausage Party
Night of
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Swiss Army Man
Preacher Season 1

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. I’ve been told that there’s some strategically placed mistletoe hung up around the Cambie Village. Now’s your excuse to make out in public!


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