Black Dog Newsletter November 1-7 “The Horror…The Horror Edition!”


Honey, I’m home!

Just in time for Halloween here’s Black Dog’s list of our favourite horror films of all time! We here at Black Dog love us some scary films. I’m actually surprised…read more

New Releases!


Anthropoid – While the word Anthropoid kind of sounds like some horrible creature from the murky depths of the ocean or even possibly from another world, this flick is actually a World War II thriller about a plot hatched to assassinate SS General Heydrich, who was the main architect behind the final solution.


Gleason – This is the kind of heart-wrenching, yet inspiring – former professional football player comes down with ALS and then makes a series of videos for his unborn son to see after he’s gone – that will pull your heart of your chest and show it to you while it’s still beating.


Outlander Season 2 – The continuing adventures of Claire Randall, that married combat nurse in WWII who’s somehow whisked back to the year 1743 where she marries a Scottish fellow who wears a kilt.


Star Trek: Beyond – The 13th (!) Star Trek movie finds the gang going out into space and finding some aliens who may or may not be (hint: not) friendly. Hopefully this one is actually good? Maybe 13’s the charm?

Coming Soon

Bad Moms
My Love, Don’t Cross That River
Uncle Nick
Band of Robbers
Billions Season 1
Nine Lives
Phantom Boy
Sausage Party

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Blood Father
Captain Fantastic
Night of
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Swiss Army Man
Preacher Season 1

That’s it for this week folks. But before we go I wanted to share this weird thing that I came across the other day. It’s a crazy letter dropped off at the store way back in 2004. Someone apparently didn’t care much for the name, Black Dog. Read all about it here.

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Black Dog’s Favourite Horror Films of All-Time!

As promised…

We here at Black Dog love us some scary films. I’m actually surprised we haven’t made this list sooner. But what is time really? Just a human-made construct to let you know how long you have left to live. But I digress…Here, in alphabetical order, you can find a list of our favourite horror films of all-time! I’m sure not everyone will agree with all of our picks and there may be some missing and we couldn’t keep it to under 100 but I think, and hope, that you can find something here to make you scream in the dark. Enjoy if you dare….

Fan Mail

A friend stumbled across this letter that was dropped off at the Cambie shop way back in 2004. It both hilarious and disturbing that someone would think this of us. The crux of the biscuit is she thought that, because of the name Black Dog, that we were white supremacists disguised as a video store. How crazy is that?! If you don’t already know, the origins of the name came from a lovely black dog I once lived with for a number of years (my girlfriend’s dog at the time). All she had to do was ask.


Black Dog Newsletter October 24 – 31 “Flea Riddled Edition!”

14606503_580938555449543_5956480974770407706_nThis coming Sunday (30th), Black Dog will have a fancy table at the Wise Hall Flea Market! There will be lots of cool DVDs (plenty of horror just in time for you-know-what!) up for grabs starting at $5 a piece. We will also feature some rare and out-of-print titles at varying prices. Hope to see your lovely faces come Sunday.

Also! Drop by the Cambie hood for some special Halloween surprises as mentioned in this here poster.


New Releases!


Blood Father – Mad Mel is back (did he ever really go away?) as Blood Daddy, an ex-con who’s trying to protect his daughter from some not-so-nice drug dealers. It’s Mad Mel doing what he does best, being mad and shootin’ guys.


Captain Fantastic – Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings guy) stars in this fine little indie effort as a dad (not a blood daddy) trying to raise his large brood on the outskirts of society. What happens when those outskirts just become skirts and they have to face the ways of the world? Watch and find out!


The Daughter – Dude returns home for his dad’s wedding (that sounds a little weird right off the bat) only to unearth a long-buried family secret. I’m guessing that it’s not a very happy secret, like that he’s really a wizard or something, but a drama-heavy, bumming out everyone around him kind of secret.


Jack Irish Season 1 and Jack Irish Movies – Guy Pearce is all tough-guy like in this series of films and Season 1 of the TV show about a tough-guy investigator who investigates things around the town. Looks pretty excellent in a tough-guy, noirish kind of way.


Lights Out – Pretty good horror number about some sort of entity haunting a family that, for some reason, can only be seen when the lights are out. It could have been better and could have been worse but some effective scares and a short running time make for a fun, jolty night on the couch.


Nerve – Spunky teen gets involved in an online (computer speak) game of truth or dare. Of course, things start to go off the rails or this would be a pretty boring movie.


Utopia Season 2 – Intense, violent and a bit crazy TV dealy from England finds a bunch of folks, drawn together by a mysterious graphic novel, being hunted down by some nasties from something called The Network. Good times.

Coming Soon!

Bad Moms
My Love, Don’t Cross That River
Outlander Season 2
Star Trek Beyond!
Uncle Nick

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Banshee Season 4
Americans Season 3
Lights Out
Captain Fantastic
Blood Father
Night Of
The Wailing
Weiner Dog

Last thing to mention (almost)…follow along with us for our countdown to Black Dog’s Favourite 100 Horror Films of All-Time! Everyday we recommended a film to be concluded at the end of the month by a swell, well-thought out (hah!) list.

And one more tiny little thing…we just got a nice neat order of Criterions for your pleasure. They look something like this…


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Black Dog Video Newsletter October 18 – 24 “Stormy Weathers Edition”



Surf’s up!

Stormy weathers (sounds like my name if I were a stripper), that’s what we were promised. What happened? I was expecting, and in some ways, looking forward to, rain and wind and locusts and blood from the sky. Not much happened and that may have been for the best. But still…

I want to throw out a big thanks to all who came in to celebrate International Independent Video Store Day on Saturday! It was a big success and much fun. It’s great to still feel relevant in this day and age of computers and intranets and things. It’s you fine people that truly keep us going. Thanks to you all! Hopefully I’ll be writing this again a year from now!

Have you been following along with our Halloween countdown of scary flicks? Click here to see what we’ve been up to. At the end of the month we’ll be publishing our Top 100 Horror Movies of All-Time list. How exciting!

New Releases!


Alice Through the Looking Glass – The gang’s (Mia! Johnny! Helena!) all back for more (mis) adventures in the land of Oz or Wonderland or wherever they are.


American Horror Story: Hotel – Season 5 of this sometimes good sometimes not-so-good shoe finds a haunted hotel providing the locations for some (hopefully) quality scares. Lady Gaga won an Emmy for this for some reason.


Approaching the Unknown – Dude goes to Mars by himself to make some water but runs into some complications. Ya, but does he eat poop potatoes?


Banshee Season 4 – The final season for this awesomely fun, bloody, stupid, sexy, violent series. Best fight scenes of any show on the TV.


Cafe Society – Jesse Eisenberg, filling in for Woody Allen, is a guy from the Bronx who goes to Hollywood and falls in love with his uncle’s sexy secretary. Complications of a comical nature, I presume, ensue.


Independence Day: Resurgence – Those stupid-looking aliens in the enormous spaceships are back to try, once again, to conquer the earth. I’m saying at this point in time let them have it – what with all the global warming and Donald Trumps, scary clowns, rampant Sasquatches and other terrible stuff that assaults us on a day-to-day basis. How does one stay sane in these topsy-turvy times, I ask?!


King Dave – Cool-looking Canadian film (just played at this year’s VIFF) about a guy, who calls himself King Dave (hence the title), that embarks on a dark seedy quest for a guy who grabbed his lady friend. It’s all told in one take and I hear it’s very good.


The Night of – Excellent TV mini-series about a dude who wakes up with a dead woman in his bed. This seems to happen quite a bit in the movies. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen too often in real life.


Penny Dreadful Season 3 – The final season of this fine gothic horror show about men, and women (Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, others) and monsters (Frankenstein’s monster, werwolves, banshees, vampires and maybe a Sasquatch or two) in Victorian England. Good stuff.


Portlandia Season 6 – Wow, this hilarious show has been on for 6 seasons! What do ya know?! At Commercial right now and Cambie either tomorrow or Thursday.

Coming Soon!

Blood Father
Captain Fantastic
Lights Out

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Neon Demon
Banshee Season 4
Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made!
Hunt for the Widerpeople
Schieder vs Bax

That’s it for this week folks. If you need more recommendations for all kinds of great things to watch, here ya go. Stay warm, stay dry, stay real, Vancouver!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter October 11 – 17 “Celebrate Good Times Edition!”


This Saturday at your favourite Black Dog Video!

This Saturday is the big day, folks! The 6th annual International Independent Video Store Day! Drop in and help us celebrate all that is wonderful about the last remaining video stores. We’ll be doing raffles for a nice shiny new Blu Ray player, a mystery grab bag full of wonders and maybe a little special somethin’ somethin’. Also bring in a donation for the food bank (please be generous as they are in desperate need of food things) and we’ll absolve you of your outstanding late charges! There will be movie rental and sale deals and maybe even some balloons! Hope to see you there.

And in case you need some Halloween scary movie picks, follow along here and check out what we have to say. We’re doing a cool recommendation a day leading up to the 31st when we’ll publish our 100 Best Horror Films of All-Time List. Nice!

New Releases


11.22.63 – High School teacher James Franco (!) travels back in time to try to prevent the assassination of JFK in this Stephen King/JJ Abrams production. Heard quite good things about this despite everything I just said.


Adventure Time Season 6 – Adventure time, come on grab a friend…


Fresh off the Boat – If you’ve seen Vice TV’s Huang’s World (it’s pretty cool) you might want to check out this TV adaptation of how Eddie and his family got to America and what they did once they arrived.


Genius – Nice looking period drama with Colin Firth as Max Perkins who helped to “discover” some authors you may have heard of – Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolfe. I heard that they have the best words.


Ghostbusters – Remake of the beloved (by some, not me) tale of a bunch of science nerds battling ghosts in New York City. Good for some laughs, I presume.


Harmontown – Nifty doc that follows comedian Dan Harmon as he tours around with his excellent podcast after he was fired from the TV show, Community.


The Infiltrator – Good-looking thriller that has Breaking Bad working his way (infiltrating one might say) into Pablo Escobar’s money and drugs operation.


Lake Mungo – Well-received horror mystery from down under (Australia) about a girl who accidentally drowns and then, maybe, comes back to do some serious haunting. Mungo – only in Australia! Just in time for Halloween!


Legend of Tarzan – Alex Skarsgard and his crunchy abs be chilling in London when he gets a call back to the jungle form his ape pals to look into the shady dealings of a mining operation. Lots of monkey mayhem, I presume, ensues.


Preacher Season 1 – Sweet-looking TV series about a cursed Preacher (I think he’s somehow cursed – I can’t quite remember after reading the graphic novel so long ago) who goes around fighting bad guys and looking for God or something. Good stuff.


Spaceman – Docudrama about Bill “Spaceman” Lee who was a crazy MLB pitcher back in the day. Just in time for the World Series!


Swiss Army Man – The flatuent corpse of Harry Potter washes up on an island who’s only inhabitant is Paul Dano. They become fast friends and have many humorous adventures. It’s Weekend at Bernie’s updated for our times!


The Wailing – Excellent (from what I’ve been told) Korean occult/horror/mystery/thriller about a mysterious disease that is effecting a small community somewhere in Korea. Very high on my list to check out.


Wiener Dog – A sort of sequel to Welcome to the Dollhouse finds a grown-up Dawn Wiener (Greta Gerwig) as one of the oddball folks who come into contact with a nice little wiener dog. Love Todd Solonz!

Coming Soon!

Approaching the Unknown
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Cafe Society
Doctor Thorne
Independence Day 2: Resurgence
Night of…

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Neon Demon
Scheider vs Bax
Wiener Dog
The Wailing
Preacher Season 1
Adventure Time Season 6

That’s it for this week folks. Hope to see all of your lovely faces Saturday and be sure to tell everyone you know and even some that you don’t to come on out!

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Black Dog Newsletter Oct 4 – 10th “It’s Coming Edition!”


For real!

Ah October, the most wonderful month of the year! The air is crisp and cool, the beer is dark and thick and the movies are scary and frightening. We’ve got a couple of exciting things happening in this fine month – mark October 15th on your calendars or hand or forehead as it’s the 6th annual International Independent Video Store Day! Drop by either or both locations to help celebrate all the is great and good about the world of the video store. There will be raffles for cool stuff, deals on rentals and sales, balloons, treats, music and maybe even a little dancing. Bring in an item for the food bank and we’ll take care of your late charges! Please be generous. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, spread the word!

And since it is the month of scary movies we’re doing a daily horror film recommendation that will culminate on the 31st with the publication of Black Dog’s Top 100 Horror Films of all time! We love horror movies and are excited to share with you our favourites. You can check it out daily here or on the facebook or twitters.

New Releases


Being Charlie – Rob (Meathead) Reiner tries to redeem himself after several terrible movies (And So It Goes, Flipped) with this coming-of-age tale about a troubled kid who’s forced into rehab by his Princess Bride Father (Cary Elwes). Also stars Common!


Bigger Splash – Tilda Swinton is a famous rock star who goes on vacation with her hunky French beau only to find it interrupted by a crazy Ralph Fiennes and is sexy daughter. Naughty and hilarious hijinks, I presume, ensue.


Ithanca – Another coming of age tale about a 14 year-old kid named Homer (d’oh!) who delivers messages to the good folks of Ithanca during WWII. Directed by Meg Ryan for some reason.


The Last King – Norwegian sword and sandals (well probably snow boots) adventure finds a couple of good-hearted soldiers protecting the infant heir-to-the-throne after his dad, the king, is murdered.


The Man Who Knew Infinity – A really smart Indian mathematician kid moves to London with all of his math skills to go to school and wow the stuffy English establishment types with his math wizardry. Kind of like Harry Potter but with math! Stars Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel (as you can tell from the box art).


Neon Demon – Crazy weird and stylish horror flick from Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Valhalla Rising) about a naive model who moves to L.A. to pursue the modelling but comes under the influence of bad and crazy and sleazy folks. Yes please!


The Purge: Election Year – Part three of the never-ending trilogy of Purge films finds more of the same Purginess. I’ve heard mixed things about these films but I’m game for some purging.


Queen of the Earth – Elizabeth Moss is amazing as a women losing her mind at a friend’s cottage. Heard great things about this demented piece of craziness.


Schneider vs Bax – Excellent Dutch black comedy about a hitman assigned to take out a writer living in seclusion but the writer has other things on his mind. Probably like not getting assassinated.


Tale of Tales – Crazy, wonderful-looking film from the director of Gommorah features 3 tales of some king’s having many misadventures. Stars three of our favourite famous people, John C. Reilly, Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel!


X-Men: Apocalypse – The latest in a never-ending series of X-Men films finds the X-men (and women!) fighting a big monster guy from the past. Or something like that. Does it matter? You’re gonna watch it anyways.

Coming Soon!

Preacher Season 1
The Wailing
Swiss Army Man
Approaching the Unknown
Breaking a Monster
Adventure Time S6
Legend of Tarzan
Weiner Dog

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Schneider vs Bax
Neon Demon
What Happened Miss Simone?
Love & Friendship
Neon Bull
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Hardcore Henry

That’s it for this week folks! If you want more recommendations click here! If not, we’ll see you here next week or, hopefully, in the stores!

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