Black Dog Video Newsletter July 19 – 25 “Night of the Crazy DVD Sale Edition!”


Its gonna be awesome!

So we’re just 2 1/2 weeks away from the biggest DVD sale the universe has ever seen! Thousands of DVDs will be available for purchase during a fun, “Midnight Madness” type of event on August 5th at the Commercial Black Dog. Click here for more details! And for more up-to-date information on what’s happening or to leave a friendly comment check out the Facebook event page here.

One other note – there won’t be a newsletter next week as I’m going, sigh, camping for a few days. We’ll be back the following week strong, cleaned and revitalized!

New Releases

(again, Purolator being swamped and not able to deal with it, has not delivered our films yet. They have no estimated time of arrival but, fingers crossed, hopefully sometime today. This is so very frustrating for us. Apologies)


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Batman and Superman fight each other for some reason in this long, sloggy mess of a movie. You know you’re in trouble when Ben Affleck is the best ting about your film.


Born to be Blue – Ethan Hawke is Chet Baker in this well-received bio-pic detailing the famous jazz-man’s life in the 60s..


Elvis v Nixon: Dawn of Justice – Michael Shannon is Elvis and Kevin Spacey is Nixon in this well-received bio-pic about the famous two-some who met back in the 70s for some reason. The result was the most requested photograph from the American National Archives ever. Oh, America, you’re so cute.


Kill Zone 2 – The amazing Tony Jaa steps into the Kill Zone too as he tries to take down a crime boss using his very persuasive fists of fury.


Magicians Season 1 – Cool-looking TV show about some students who are recruited by a special magical school. Kinda like Harry Potter but more for bigger kids. I read the books and quite enjoyed them. Hoping for good things.


Miles Ahead – Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in the well-received bio-pic of the famous jazz-man and his cool daddy-o times.


Sleeping Giant – Great-looking Canadian film about 3 teens spending their summer at a cottage on Lake Superior. Much comedy, drama and life lessons, I presume, ensue. Heard very good things about this one.


Tricked – A dudes 50th birthday party doesn’t go quite as expected as he finds that his business partners are plotting against him and his pregnant mistress shows up. Awkward! From the great Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers, 4th Man)

Coming Soon (hopefully)!

The Lobster
ESPN Films: 30 for 30: OJ Made in America
Barbershop 3: The Next Cut
Dark Stranger
I am Wrath
Sing Street

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

10 Cloverfield Lane
Only Yesterday
Green Room
Everybody Wants Some
The Wave
Boy and the World
Janis: Little Girl Blue
The Witch

I hope that everyone has a great week and again, sorry for the delay in getting you these hot new releases. It’s not as it if it isn’t hard enough running a video store in 2016, but this definitely does not help. Cheers.

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Night Of The Crazy DVD Sale!

So about a month ago, Black Dog acquired an amazing truckload (literally) of films from a private collection. Usually when we buy stuff from customers it’s an assortment of uber popular titles – think Dodgeball, Kill Bill, 40-Year-Old Virgin – that kind of stuff. It’s fine but folks are not really interested in these types of films to add to their collections anymore. But upon walking into this person’s house and seeing the films piled ceiling to floor, my mouth fell open. There was nary a boring, top-40 type of film to be seen. Instead it was a finely curated collection of DVDs – stuff ranging from the silent era, classics and noir, war films and documentaries, Criterion collection, crazy drive-in classics, 50’s sci-fi, monster movies, women behind bars, box sets, TV shows and on and on.


I wasn’t kidding!

We’ve gone through the thousands of films, selected what we are keeping for the stores to offer out for rent, priced everything accordingly and are ready to offer it up for sale. Join us on August the 5th, 11pm – 1 am (sorry, it was really the only time that would work for us without closing the store for a day) at the Commercial Black Dog – 1470 Commercial Drive – for an evening of fun, excitement, music courtesy of Jason Zumpano, and just marvel at the wonderful selection of films that will be up for grabs. I hope to see many, if not all of you, there!

They will be priced as follows….

All DVDs will be $10 unless otherwise noted. There are many that will be $5 and some as much as $100. They have been priced to the best of our abilities. We used Amazon and Ebay to see what things were valued at and, in most cases, undercut those prices on an average of 50%. There’s many out-of-print and hard to find titles that may cost more than $10 but we’re being as fair as possible.

Pay in cash and we’ll take care of the tax!

Should be fun!


Excited yet?

Black Dog Newsletter July 12 – 18 “Busy Times Edition!”



Lots happening down at ye olde “Dog” these days. This Thursday we’re having a comedy fiesta at the Commercial Store! Drop by at 9:30 to enjoy the comedy stylings of local jokemeister and Black Dog employee Dylan Rhymer as he welcomes some local comedic talent to put a smile on your face. There will be tasty drinks for sale as well. We’ll be closing the Commercial branch at 9pm to make way for this.

And mark August 5th on your calendars as we’ll be having an immense DVD sale that evening. We’ll be closing the Commercial store at 10pm to get ready for some late night shenanigans as we offer you thousands of excellent DVDs for sale. There’s some truly amazing stuff for you serious and not-so-serious collectors at great prices. Check out the image at the bottom of the newsletter for a taste of what is to come.

And one last thing – we have a couple of nice Totoro iPhone cases for sale at both locations. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with these wrapped around your smart phone.


Hi-ya, handsome!


New Releases


The Dresser – Sir Ian McKellan combs Sir Anthony Hopkins hair amongst other things in this latest adaptation of the famed play about a famous actor and his manservant guy.


Everybody Wants Some – Sequelish flick to Dazed and Confused finds a bunch of college baseball players learning the ropes of life and stuff. Expect some cool tunes, weed smoking and sexy hijinks.


Green Room – One of my favourite films from last year finds a down-on-their-luck punk band reluctantly taking a gig at a nazi skinhead compound lead by a nasty Patrick Stewart. How cool does that sound? Of course things don’t go very well. Violent, funny and tense. From the guy who made the excellent Blue Ruin.


Hardcore Henry – This one looks bonkers! First person perspective is employed to dizzying effect in this action thriller about a a guy who’s brought back from the dead with no memory and who must fight some evil bad guys in order to save his wife. Or something like that. Really looking forward to this one.


The Little Prince – Nicely animated telling of the famous tale about a young girl who meets up with her magical neighbour, The Aviator, who introduces her to the amazing world of the Little Prince. Looks very nice.


Mr. Right – The lovely Anna Kendrick meets a really nice guy, maybe a Mr. Right? Only thing is, he’s a hitman on the run from the mob. Of course he is. Only in the movies!

Coming Soon!

Batman v Superman
Sleeping Giant
Miles Ahead
The Magicians Season 1
Kill Zone 2
Elvis v Nixon
Born to Be Blue

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Green Room
The Wave
10 Cloverfield Lane
Boy and the World
House of Cards S4
Janis: Little Girl Blue
The VVitch

And as promised, here’s a taste of things to come at our gargantuan sale…



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Black Dog Newsletter July 5 – 11th “Comedy is Funny Edition!”


Hey baby, want to hear something funny?

You like comedy and laughing and stuff, right? Thought so. On Thursday July 14th, 2016, Black Dog on Commercial Drive will be closing a bit earlier than normal so we can host a comedy extravaganza! Drop on by for some stand-up yuks courtesy of Dylan Rhymer and a host of other local funny people. Check out the deets here.

We’ve been sifting through the enormous pile of films that we’ve just acquired and getting them ready for the gargantuan sale we’re going to throw. It looks like August 5th will be the date. Collectors, mark it on your calendar or wrist computer or whatever one uses for such things. More details are to follow…

New Releases!

(editor’s note – Purolator, our courier, got frightened of the looming postal strike and screwed up our order. We’re told that they should be here sometime today)


Adderall Diaries – James Franco is a writer plagued by past success, drug abuse, writer’s block, maybe bed bugs or crabs, and relationship problems. He takes on an assignment to write about a murder trial. Things slowly (or quickly) go off the rails. Drugs.


Boy and the World – Most excellent award-winning animated feature from Brazil about a boy who goes on a quest to find his dad. The Dad from Ipanema?


By the Sea – Angelina Jolie directs herself and Mr Jolie (Brad Pitt) in this serious drama about a couple unravelling in France. If you’re going to unravel might as well have some good wine and nice cheese for the unravelling, no?


Cemetery of Splendour – Another lovely and amazing and weird film from the Thai fella that made the cool Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. This one is about some soldiers stuck in a small town on the Mekong River who are struck by a strange sleeping sickness. I could use a little of that.


Circle – Cool odd-looking thriller about 50 people who wake up in a mysterious place and they have to choose who lives or dies. Sounds a bit like Cube and the Hunger Games got drunk, spent the night together and had an ugly baby.


Elstree 1976 – Nice little doc about some of the extras who were in the original Star Wars and how it effected their lives. I always wondered what Greedo and Ewok number 4 got up to after all these years.


House of Cards Season 4 -Another excellent season of this fine television program (even if it is from Crapflix).


I Saw the Light – Docudrama about famed country guy Hank Williams (played here by Loki aka Tom Hiddleson). Heard mixed things but you might enjoy it.


Janis: Little Girl Blue – Very good and quite sad doc on the late great Janis Joplin. Watching this I realized, despite how much I liked her, I really couldn’t stand listening to her sing. But that’s just me. I’m old.


The Mermaid – New fun and nutty flick from Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) about mermaids being threatened by encroaching development. What’s a mermaid to do?!


Second Chance – Intense drama from Suzanne Bier (After the Wedding) that tests Jamie Lannister civility and how far he’ll go for justice when confronted by a devastating tragedy. Let’s hope all the way.


Wallander Season 4 – Kenneth Branagh is back lurching around as a cop trying to solve some mysteries.

Coming Soon!

Mr. Right
The Dresser
Everybody Wants Some!
Green Room
Hardcore Henry
Sleeping Giant

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

The VVitch
Triple 9
Boy and the Beast
Hail, Caesar!

That’s it for this week folks. We’re fully (almost) stocked with Studio Ghibli socks at both stores now but, once again, they’re going fast. Hope to see you soon.

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