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Black Dog Video Newsletter June 28 – July 4 “Sale of the Century Edition!”


Have I got a deal for you!

Just recently, Black Dog acquired an amazing private collection of DVDs. We managed to pick up a few thousand pieces, the majority of which were pretty awesome titles. Hardly of a dud in the lot. We sifted through them on the weekend to see what was what. We’re going to keep a pile to make available to you fine folks for rental and then we’re going to have a massive “special event” sale sometime in the near future. So to all you collectors out there, stay tuned for details and also keep an eye on the shelves to see what I’m blathering on about.

New Releases


Andron – A slumming Alec Baldwin stars in this future dystopia sci-fi thriller in which a bunch of folks are tossed into a maze and have to battle to get out as the rest of the world watches. Sounds like the Hunger Games, Cube and The Maze Runner had a messy, not-quite-successful threesome.


Knight of Cups – The latest from the now-prolific Terence Malik (Tree of Life) finds a bewildered writer (Christian Bale) wandering around LA and Vegas, hooking up with various women to see if he can come up with the answers to life’s big questions. I guess that’s one way to do it.


Kung Fu Panda 3 – If you’re into more talking animals that know martial arts, this is the animated film for you!


Les Mauvaises Herbes aka Bad Seed – French Canadian comedy/drama about three friends who decide to grow weed together. That sounds nice.


Precious Cargo– Remember that Bruce Willis fella? I guess he’s still making movies. Mostly straight to video and then straight to the bargoon bin type of films. Here’s one of them in which he’s a crime boss guy in some sort of crime thriller. That’s probably about all you need to know.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Tina Fey stars in this war-drama about a journalist recounting her WTF moments in Afghanistan. Get it, WTF? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I guess they could have called it anything if all they wanted was the acronym. I would have went with Wainscotting Tabernacle Fadoodle. On second thought, that just sounds stupid.

Coming Soon!

Second Chance
Adderall Diaries
House of Cards Season 4
By the Sea
I Saw the Light

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The VVitch
Triple 9
Boy and the Beast
Hail, Caesar!

That’s it for this week y’all. We’ve got plenty of those cool Studio Ghibli socks in stock right now at Commercial and, hopefully tomorrow at Cambie. Enjoy the sun and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter June 21 – 27 “Welcome, Hot Summer Edition!”


Too damn hot today.

Yep, it’s the first day of summer again. Get out your lotions, your open toed footwear and your large floppy hats as it promises to be too damn hot again this year. But don’t forget to watch lots and lots of movies!

Another stellar week for releases. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

New Releases!


Anesthesia – Another one of those “a number of lives intersect after a violent mugging at Columbia University” type films. Think Crash and Short Cuts. Has your Glenn close, your Sam Waterston and your Kristen Stewart intersecting.


Brother’s Grimsby – Sacha Borat Cohen’s latest gross-out comedy. He’s a idiot football hooligan with mad mutton chops who has to team up with his spy brother for some reason for some secret job or something like that. Let the hijinks ensue!


Darling – Neat-looking little horror number that documents a lonely girl’s decent into madness. Madness! One Step Beyond!


Eye in the Sky – Dame Helen Mirren leads a military operation charged with capturing, what else, terrorists. Complications ensue at some point resulting in much drama and tense situations.


Hollow Crown – Shakespearean series based on King Richard and King Henry with a fine cast of British gentlemen – Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumbersporch, Jeremy Irons. Looks like lots and lots of acting and crown wearing.


Midnight Special – Pretty good sci-fi actiony type thriller finds Michael Shannon, his enormous head, and his son (normal sized-head) on the run from the government and a mysterious cult all of whom want the boy as he’s believed to harbour some powerful powers. A few plot holes aside, this is a fairly enthralling flick from the guy that made Take Shelter and Shotgun Stories.


London has Fallen – The latest crappy action flick to soil your eyes is a sort-of sequel to Olympus Has Fallen but has London falling this time. Some bad guys want to assassinate a bunch of world leaders (including Canada’s PM!) and it’s up to Gerald Butler and Aaron Elkhart to save them all!


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – Another Big Fat Greek Wedding. Gross.


The Wave – Excellent Norwegian action flick about a giant tsunami that rips down a fjord after part of a mountain falls in the water. Nowhere is safe.


X-Files – New 6 part TV mini-series reunites Scully and David “I hate the rain!” Duchovny for more scary and sci-fi related hijinks. I was a big fan of this show back in the day and am looking forward to getting these new episodes into my eyeballs.

Coming Soon!

Knight of Cups
Kung Fu Panda 3
Precious Cargo
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The VVitch
Triple 9
Midnight Special
The Wonders

Need more suggestions? We have you covered. Click here.

We’re sold out of Studio Ghibli socks at Commercial and there’s only a few pairs left at Cambie. Better get hoppin’! But there’s more on the way so relax.


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Black Dog Newsletter June 14 – 20 “Best of…Edition”


The only known photo of Italian Day, 2016 in existence.

I hope that everyone survived Italian Day on Sunday over on the Drive. It was pretty bonkers as you can tell from this photo. Get ready to do it all over again this Sunday for Car Free Day. You’d think they might want to space those events a little further apart.

Here at Black Dog Laboratories we strive to bring you the best of what cinema has to offer. In keeping with our commitment to excellence we’ve come up with another Best of Things List. This time around, may we present to you our favourite Cult Films of all time! I’m not even sure how to define a Cult Film. Where do I start? Read more…

New Releases


45 Years – As Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney prepare to celebrate their anniversary (presumably their 45th) some shattering news promises to destroy their lives. I wonder what it could be? I’m thinking alien invasion. Maybe the return of Godzilla? Maybe one of them is actually a Scientologist?


10 Cloverfield Lane – After being rescued following a car accident a women is held in a bunker by a couple of fellas, one of them being John Goodman (he’s a good man, that’s probably why his parents named him that), who claim that the outside world is wrecked because of some sort of chemical attack. But what is really going on? Cloverfield Lane eh? Hmmm makes you wonder.


Ballers Season 1 – HBO drama/comedy series centring around some footballer types and their families as they deal with fame and not-so-fame and other things and such. Stars The Rock and Rob Corddry. Don’t know much about it but one fella on the internets sums it up as such…”It’s just great entertainment, beautiful people & cars, good music, tight dresses and tailored suits and no psychic bloating.”


Eddie the Eagle – Did they really need to make a movie about that ski jumping bloke from England who became famous for being that ski jumping bloke from England during the 1988 Winter Olympics? I guess that they did.


Hello My Name is Doris – Sally Field is back and you’ll really like her, you really will, as Doris, a sixty-something woman attempting to woo a much younger co-worker after she attends a self-help seminar. Also stars Tyne Daly as Roz! Let the hilarity begin!


The Legend of Barney Thompson – Robert Carlyle stars and directs himself in this tale of mild mannered barber, Barney Thompson, who’s boring mundane existence is buoyed by the arrival of a serial killer that he starts hanging out with.


Ray Donovan Season 3 – Ray Donovan is back for a third kick at the can as he attempts to “fix” various folk’s problems. Available at Commercial, soon to Cambie.


Regression – Ethan Hawke and Hermoine Granger star in this monster chiller horror thriller about satanic cults and some other nasty business. Directed by the guy who made The Others and Open Your Eyes, so it has that going for it.

Coming Soon!

London Has Fallen
X-Files: The Event Series
Brothers Grimbsy
Hollow Crown
Knight of Cups
Midnoght Special
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
The Wave

Recently Viewed and Recommended

45 Years
10 Cloverfield Lane
The Expanse Season 1
Hail, Caesar!
The Hunting Ground
The Club

For more fine recommendations punch this out here.

Also one more thing and then you can get back to real life, we’re selling our amazing Black Sabbath inspired T-Shirts for only $14.99 for the entire month of June or until supplies run out. You’ll be the talk of the town, the belle of the ball in one of these fine garments!


Picture you in me!

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Black Dog Video’s Favourite Cult Films from the last 200 Years!

I’m not even sure how to define a Cult Film. Where do I start? Where do I stop? What do I do in between? Maybe make a sandwich because I’m hungry? Here at Black Dog we’re kind of obsessed with the weird, the disturbing, the off-beat, the fantastic, the hilarious. It’s pretty much why I started this video store business over 20 years ago. I love cult films. And we’re here to share our favourites with you right now! This is from all of us at Black Dog to all of you. xo

Black Dog Video Newsletter June 7 – 13 “Haut Deals Edition!”


“We’re all gonna die and I haven’t seen Kramer vs Kramer yet!”

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Maybe Satan? No he probably enjoys a good deal…for your soul! Anyway, we’ve slightly adjusted the lovely deals at the stores. As follows…

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – Rent 2 and get a 3rd for FREE!
Monday – 2 for 1 – anything in the store
Wednesday – Rent 5 old titles for $10! Good times.

Also it’s Italian Days over on the Drive this Sunday. You’ve been warned.

Lots of great stuff this week so let’s get to it, shall we?

New Releases


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – Actiony dramatization of the attack on the US compound in Libya back in the day. It’s directed by Michael Bay so expect lots of slow motion flag waving and close ups of scantily clad women washing motorcycles.


Anomalisa – From the brilliant mind of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich) comes this amazing film all done up like with stop motion animation. It’s about a guy hoping to escape the mundane existence he finds himself trapped in. Or something like that. Look for this on many best of the year lists.


The Boy and the Beast – Awesome looking anime from the director of the great Wolf Children finds an orphaned street urchin falling in with some magical beasts.


Buzzard – Excellent little indie comedy/drama finds an angry young man lashing out at the system that wants to bring him down. And he has a special magical “power glove!”. Heard great things about this one.


Hail Caesar! – Another gem from the Coen Brothers finds a Josh Brolin as a Hollywood fixer in the 1950’s who has to try to find a missing George Clooney. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Jauja – Odd sounding western weird-o trip finds Viggo Mortensen traveling with his daughter from Denmark to “an unknown desert that exists in a realm beyond the confines of civilization”. Ok then.


Kroll Show Season 3 – More laughs coming at your face!


Reality – Another stab at absurdity courtesy of Quentin Duplieux (Wrong, Rubber) finds a film director who’s given 48 hours to find an Oscar worthy “groan” in order to get backing for his new film. And there ya go. I loved Rubber and Wrong so this seems right up my alley. It’s a dark and twisted alley.


Touched with Fire – Two bio-polar mental patients meet in a facility and begin a nice and not-so nice romance.


Vinyl Season 1 – Cool as beans TV show about a music producer in the rockin’ 1970’s.


The Wonders – Very nice looking film about a family of Italian beekeepers whose lives are interrupted by a reality show. Again with the Italian beekeepers!


Zootopia – Most excellent animated adventure comedy finds a rookie bunny cop teaming up with a smooth-talking con-artist fox to unravel a mysterious conspiracy. Good for kids. Good for adults. Good for everyone in between.

Coming Soon!

10 Cloverfield Lane
45 Years
Ballers S1
Eddie the Eagle
Hello, My Name is Doris
Legend of Barney Thompson
London Has Fallen
X-Files: The Event Series

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Hail Caesar!
The Witch
The Wonders
The Boy and The Beast
The Heavy Water War

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