Black Dog Newsletter February 23 – 29, “Teenagers are Lousy Ingrates Edition!”



It’s just over a week until Black Dog Video’s 20 Year anniversary! No longer are we that awkward, stubborn, rude, pimply, insolent being known as a teenager. Welcome to the twenties, kid. Time to grow up and be an adult. Get a job! I want you out of the house! Clean the cat box! Responsibilities!

Drop on by Saturday March 5th to celebrate this monumental achievement with us! Enjoy some sort of edible cake device, rent two flicks and get a third for free, walk out of the store sporting a fabulous Black Dog T-Shirt for only $15 (“These are the best bloody T-shirts ever!” ~ Ozzy Osbourne), enter a raffle to win a much-coveted Black Dog punch card or T-Shirt. Who knows what else?! Hope to see you then.

New Releases


Extraction – Old man Willis is a CIA guy who gets kidnapped (Brucenapped!) for some reason. When the CIA expresses no interest in getting him back (I hear he’s hard to work with), it’s up to his son to get his hands dirty. Also stars D.B. Sweeney!


Fargo Season 2 – Can’t wait to check out Season 2 as the first season was my favourite show of last year. I hear that this season is even better. Mind blown. This season’s amazing cast – Ted Danson, Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth Bowen – will be knee-deep in murder, double crosses and snow. Yes please!


The Good Dinosaur – Dinosaurs and humans exist together in this animated flick (some folks actually believe this to be true!). An Apatosaurus befriends a human for some crazy adventures. Remember, this is not a documentary but a kids film.


Moonwalkers – An unstable CIA agent (not Bruce Willis but Ron Pearljam) must team up, for some reason, with Ron Weasley to fake the moon landing in the late sixties after Perlman can’t find Kubrick to do the job. Sounds wacky.


Peaky Blinders Season 2 – What’s in store for the gangster family that sews razor blades into the peaks of their caps? I hear that this British Television program is aces!

Old Stuff Just In!


Samurai Cop – Famous (infamous?) cult item finds some tough cops battling some tough drug guys in tough 1991 LA. Now you can finally watch Samurai Cop 2, which we got a couple of weeks ago, and know what the hell is going on!


Suits Seasons 1-4 – Quality TV lawyering show donated to the Cambie store by the lovely and talented Jason! Thanks Jason!

Coming Soon!

Broad City Season 2
We Are Twisted Fucking Sister
The Americans Season 3
The Danish Girl
Don Verdean
Jerusalem (already at Cambie Black Dog)
Miss You Already
The Night Before

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Leftovers Season 2
Fargo Season 2
Peaky Blinders Season 2
99 Homes
Bridge of Spies
Show me a Hero

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Have a great week Vancouver! Enjoy the sun, go for a walk, pet a dog, feed a squirrel and remember, keep watching.

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Black Dog Newsletter February 16 – 21 “Getting Old Edition!”

75-100-Best-B-Movies-robot -monster

Happy Anniversary!

It’s March 5, 1996 and it’s the very first day that Black Dog Video opens it’s doors to the public. It’s a small store with astro-turf flooring and about 1000 VHS tapes. Fast forward 20 years – March 5th, 2016. We’re still here – the store is bigger and there’s about 13,000 DVDs and Blu Rays. We’ve come a long way, baby! I think some might refer to this as an anniversary. We’ve survived fire, floods and flying monkeys (the poison kind!) to bring you the finest films and TV from around the world for 20 years! Holy hotdogs, I can’t believe we’ve been at it for that long! And it has been my pleasure to do so. I’m hoping that we can stay for many more years to come. It’s been an amazing ride so far and we’re not done yet. Not by a country mile which, I guess, is different than a city or outer space mile. Anyways, thanks to all of you for the great support you’ve given us over the years. We would not be here if it wasn’t for you fine folks! Huzzah!

We’ve got a few things up our sleeves (besides hairy arms) to help celebrate come March 5th. Might there be cake? Might there be movies deals? Might there be draws for cool swag? Might there be a petting zoo? Just watch out for the poison monkeys. Details to come…

New Releases


The 33 – Dramatization of that famous mine cave-in way down in Chile that trapped 33 poor bastards for 69 days. Stars noted Chilean actors such as Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche, Lou Diamond Philips and James Brolin.


About Elly – Yet another excellent film from the Iranian director of the Iranian film A Separation. This fine Iranian flick tells the tale of the mysterious disappearance of a kindergarten teacher while on a school outing. Available at Commercial and soon to Cambie.


Black Mass – Johnny Depp steps out of those lame pirate movies (and his hair it seems) and into the skin of Whitey Bulger – notorious Boston gangster and FBI informant. I think this film might be better if Depp had played Bulger as Jack Sparrow. Think of it. Think of it!!


Breathe – The new girl at school is sexy and rebellious! Just what Charlie needs to get out of her shell and rut. But what happens when their friendship turns sour? It’s French so you know something might happen.


Finders Keepers – Fun looking documentary about a guy who buys a grill at an auction. I had you at grill, didn’t I? But wait! There’s more. He takes it home only to find a leg in it (prosthetic I assume, but who knows?). Then the guy who’s leg it is wants it back. Hilarity, I presume, ensues. At Cambie, soon to Commercial.


Girls Season 4 – The girls are still living on New York, doing what they do. Making you laugh. Making you cry. Making you.


The Keeping Room – Good-looking western that finds 3 women having to defend their property and themselves from some nasty union soldiers in the final days of the Civil War. Stars Brit Marling. She’s cool.


Labyrinth of Lies – Some bad men in the German government (what? No!) attempt to cover-up some nasty business committed by those lousy nazis. It’s up to one man, and one man only, to uncover the truth! The DVDs are late (should be here in the next day or so), Blu Ray is available now.


The Leftovers Season 2 – Probably my favourite TV show at the moment (that is, until Fargo Season 2 pops in the door). And one that hardly anyone has seen or heard of. It’s kind of a sci-fi drama where, for reasons unexplained, 100 million people on the planet Earth just vanish. Probably not a bad thing overall. The folks remaining – The Leftovers of the title – are left to figure things out and go crazy. Check this one out. At Commercial, soon to Cambie.


People Places Things – Drama/comedy that finds recently single Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords balancing being a dad and a teacher and a graphic novelist while navigating the highways and byways and truck stops of dating and all that that entails.


Secret in Their Eyes – Remake of the fine Argentinian film of the same name finds a bunch of investigators – Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor (I still can’t pronounce his bloody name!) being torn apart when one of their teenage daughters is found brutally murdered. Boy, this film came and went without a whisper. As in most cases of remakes, you’d probably be best sticking with the original.


Spotlight – Exciting newsroom drama stars a bunch of sexy actors – Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton – as they uncover a cover-up by the evil Catholic church in Boston. From the director of The Cobbler. Go figure. The DVDs are late (should be here very soon), Blu Ray is available now.


Steve Jobs – Another week, another Steve Jobs movie. How many Steve Jobs movies do we need? Apparently lots and lots of Steve Jobs movies. This one is probably your best bet for a Steve Jobs movie as it’s directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) and stars Michael Fassbender (Eden Lake) as Steve Jobs. If you say Steve Jobs enough times, it stops making any kind of sense.


Trumbo – Another bio-pic! This one is about the cooly-named screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who was blacklisted back in the 50’s for his suspected love of Communism. He managed to win two Oscars while writing under false names. How cool is that? Stars Heisenberg and Helen Mirren.


Welcome to Leith – Intense-looking documentary about that attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by a horrible white supremacist knob who goes by the name of Craig Cobb. What do you do when nazis try to take over your town? Watch and find out.


World of Kanako – Crazy-looking Japanese flick about a detective who goes looking for his missing daughter. He soon finds out more than he bargained for as he goes deeper into the sordid world that she’s involved in. Sounds a bit like the film Hardcore. That film has one of my favourite tag-lines from George C. Scott, “Oh my god, that’s my daughter!” Yikes!

Coming Soon

Broad City S2
Fargo S2
The Good Dinosaur
We Are Twisted Fucking Sister

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Leftovers S2
The Editor
Utopia S1
Bone Tomahawk
The New Girlfriend
The Assassin
Show Me a Hero
Turbo Kid
The Wolfpack

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Have a safe, dry week my lovelies! And remember, keep watching!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter February 9 – 15 “And Then There Was One (well two really) Edition!”


Another sad day in the world of video shops as Limelight Video has announced their closing. Thirty-three years they were a fixture on the west side. Man. They had a great run but in these technological times they just could keep it going. We’ve been on the precipice ourselves a few times in the past couple of years but have managed to hang in there. And now we’re the last store (I guess I should say stores as we still have two locations) left in town. That blows my mind. I’m happy that we’re still here but am disappointed in the way to world functions. I like convenience as much as the next fella but at what cost? Losing so many shops such as video stores, book shops, record stores etc. is such a bummer. Maybe I’m just an old stick in the mud but I hate how valueless things are becoming. Having everything at your fingertips for so cheap or for free (ie. stealing), having inexpensive, poor quality things made overseas in sweatshops, having apples shipped in from New Zealand etc., it’s all endemic of what really boils my potatoes about living in 2016. How did we get to this? Anyways I could blah blah blah about this and many other subjects but this is not a soap box for me to rant at you. Although sometimes I treat it as such. On to this week’s movies!

New Releases


99 Homes – Intense looking drama that finds one of the Spider-Men (Mans?) losing his house to foreclosure during that nasty bit of criminal activity perpetuated by the banks back in 2008. He’s then is forced, for some reason, to go to work for Michael Shannon and his enormous head who happens to be the scuzzy dude who took his home. Really looking forward to this one!


A Brilliant Young Mind – Mathletes rejoice! A movie just for you. A loner kid who goes by the name Asa Butterfield is accepted onto the British math team (I suppose there is such a thing) to join them in the upcoming International Mathematics Olympiad (I suppose there is such a thing as well.). Much math and drama, I presume, ensues.


Crimson Peak – Yay! Guillermo Del Toro has made an old-fashioned haunted house movie! Count me in as I love a good haunted house movie. I think my favourite is still The Haunting from 1963. Scary stuff, kids!


Freaks of Nature – Horror-comedy nonsense that finds a little town filled with humans, vampires and zombies – who all live a nice peaceful existence (what, no Sasquatch or Aquaman?) – having to team up to fight off an alien invasion. No, this is not a documentary.


Grandma – Fun looking road movie about a lesbian grandmother (the great Lily Tomlin) who take her granddaughter around the town trying to drum up $600 for an abortion. Let the fun begin!. Is that a good price for an abortion in the US? I would have thought it was a lot more. Oh right, Obamacare!


Man Up – Lake Bell steps in to fill the spot on a blind date unawares that it is with Simon Pegg. Let the hilarity and soul searching and more hilarity begin!


Remember – Christopher Plummer is an old man with dementia and a survivor of Auschwitz who goes on a quest to find the nazi who murdered his family in this heavy on the drama, light on the laughs, thriller from Atom Egoyan.


Samurai Cop 2 – It’s 25 years after the events unfolded in the first Samurai Cop (coming soon to a Black Dog near you!) and the main characters team up once again to solve a series of assassinations. Watch for noted thespian Tommy Wiseau as “Linton”!


Spectre – The lovely and talented Daniel Craig is back in the latest James Bond flick. Has Christoph Waltz as the bad guy as well so it has that going for it.


Ville-Marie – Drama about an actress, her estranged gay son and a couple of medical professionals whose lives intersect after a some sort of tragedy. Stars the lovely and talented Monica Bellucci.

Coming Soon

Black Mass
Criminal Activities
Girls Season 4
Labyrinth of Lies
Steve Jobs
About Elly
The Keeping Room
People Places Things World of Kanako

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Assassin
Infinity Polar Bear
Bone Tomahawk
Bridge of Spies
Show Me a hero
Diary of a Teenage Girl

For more picks for your lovely eyes, please click here.

Have a swell week everyone. Support your local businesses!

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Black Dog Newsletter Feb 2 – 8 “Masters of Reality Edition”


All hail, Black DogVideo!

Going to see Black Sabbath tomorrow night? Want to be the coolest kid there? Black Sabbath inspired Black Dog Video T-Shirts are still available! Maybe Ozzy (if he’s still alive that is) will give you a shout-out when he sees you sporting one? Maybe he’ll send in his goons yelling copyright infringement! Good times are almost guaranteed.

Lots and lots of good films out this month and next as we’re getting all the Oscar nominees and winners to come hitting the shelves. Do yourself, and us, a favour and check some out.

New Releases!


The Assassin – Lovely and amazing period piece from China about, yes you guessed it, an assassin! And not just any old assassin but THE Assassin. Word has that this is an excellent piece of cinema.


Batman: Bad Blood – Old Batman has gone missing so, for some reason, Alfred covers for him. I wonder it the suit fits. Robin and something called Nightwing wander around while Batwoman goes looking for the famed caped crusader. I would have called it Batman: Bat Blood! Eh?! Eh?!


Bridge of Spies – Oscar nominated spy dealy has Senior Speilbergo directing famed actor Tom Hanks in this Cold War era thriller that features spies and lawyers and espionage and furrowed brows and everything!


Love the Coopers – Lots of funny folks – Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Steve Martin and Alan Arkin, amongst others – star in this holiday themed twaddle about family and Christmas and yawn….


Meadowland – Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson lose their minds when their kids disappears. No kidding. I like to joke around about not having a kid anymore but in reality it would be drag if he was gone. I like that little guy!


MI-5 – Movie version of the excellent TV show. Stars Jon Snow and a bunch of those pesky terrorists.


Our Brand is Crisis – Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob are political rivals working for opposing government officials in an election in Bolivia. I guess that’s kinda funny.


Rock the Kasbah – Lame comedy musical war thing that finds old man Bill Murray discovering a singing talent in Afghanistan. Let the hilarity ensue. Remember people, just because it has Bill Murray in it doesn’t mean that it’s good. Just sayin’.


Show Me a Hero – Most excellent political thriller mini-series starring Oscar Isaacs about corruption and public housing and unfortunate moustaches other fun stuff.


Suffragette – Carey Mulligan leads a nice cast in this tale of women fighting, and I do mean fighting, to get the vote and equality and stuff back in the day.


UnREAL Season 1 – Much liked TV show that looks at the behind the scenes shenanigans and goings ons at a TV reality dating show. From one of the producers of Buffy and Angel so it has that going for it.

Coming Soon!

99 Homes
Crimson Peak
Freaks of Nature
Man Up

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Bridge of Spies
Show Me a Hero
The Walk
Bone Tomahawk
Infinity Polar Bear
The Leftovers S1
Diary of a Teenage Girl

That’s it for this edition everyone. For more recommendations click on this. Here’s hoping that you all have a rocking week!

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