Election! (not the movie)


Mmmm, Canada.

Let’s step away from chat about films for a moment and talk about the upcoming election. I don’t usually get political in my blogs and newsletters and such but I believe that this election might be one of the most important Canada has ever faced. At least it is in my 50 plus years in this country. We have a chance to steer the country away from the past horrific 9 (!) years that Stephen Harper has been PM (thank glob it’s only been 4 since he had a majority) and back to what once made this place awesome.

I could list all of the atrocities (maybe too strong a word?) that he has committed ranging from his war on the environment and scientists to his hatred of women, aboriginals and minorities, his blatant racism to his shilling for horrible international corporations. I could mention that he’s a criminal, a cheat, a bully and a coward. I could mention how he relies on fear of terrorists and other cultures to beef up his own shady power-hungry agenda. I could mention his dismal record on the economy (hello .75 cent dollar!) I could go on about how his terrifying Evangelical Christian values drives his insane psychotic lust for power. I could mention that everything he says is wrong. I could even make fun of his grey complexion, his Lego hair and his cold robot heart.  But you’ve heard all of that before.

Harper’s dream vacation spot.

I would just like to address the voters. I don’t think that I know one single person that will vote Conservative in this election. If the Facebook bubble that I live in was any indication of how the election will turn out then the Conservative party will be crushed into non-existence. But sadly that is not a true indicator of how much of Canada feels. I am astounded and dismayed when I here of folks who know all the terrible things that Harper has done over the years but they still say they’ll vote conservative because that’s how their parents voted and that’s how they’ve always voted. It makes zero sense to me. If you grew up in a house where your folks just drank Extra Old Stock and then you drank Extra Old Stock, but knew it was a shitty beer, and then tried something fantastic like a great micro-brewed Stout or even a Guinness, would you continue to drink Extra Old Stock because that’s what you’ve always drank? I think not. So why continue to vote for the same Extra Old Conservatives? And to note – the current Conservative party bears no resemblance to the Progressive Conservatives of old. This is the Reform Party but taken to an unpleasant extreme.

If this was a movie, Stephen Harper would be the big bad, the villain, the Blofeld to James Bond, Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker (but not a Darth Vader that eventually sees the error of his ways). If this was a movie you’d be cheering as Arnold or Sly or Bruce or Van Damme (yes I’m old school) delivered a roundhouse kick to Harper’s temple, set him on fire and then tossed him into the pool of piranhas that he keeps in his backyard to vanquish his enemies.

20120713_054315_120712 man on fire_300

Quick, throw him in the pool! Yes the one with the little fish with pointy teeth!

But this isn’t a movie and there’s no pool of piranhas. But we can vote. On October 19th, do the right thing. Toss Harper and the Conservatives into that proverbial pool of flesh eating fish.

Here’s a link on how to use your vote wisely.


Black Dog Newsletter October 5th to 11th “Halloween Month Continues Edition”


So we’re just under two weeks from the 5th Annual International Video Store Day! Forget Netflix or downloading or staring at rocks in the park, come celebrate all that is true and good in you local video store! We will be raffling off a fancy new Blu Ray player at each store, there will be rental specials, deals on sale items and lots of merriment to be had. At the Commercial location local musical hero Jason Zumpano will be manning the decks and spinning some awesome scary sounds. Hope to see everyone!

Also we are in the midst of 31 Days of Halloween – our daily recommendation for great scary movies for you and your loved ones to enjoy during this festive season. You can check it out here or on our Facebook page and Twitter tweeting thing. Enjoy.

New Releases (there’s lots this week!)



Alleluia – Murderous womanizer Michel meets introvert Gloria and coerces her to join him in his dastardly crimes. If this sounds like a Belgium take on Honeymoon Killers and Dark Crimson that’s because it is!


Batkid Begins – Heartwarming doc about a 5 year-old with cancer (heart warmed yet?) and how the town of San Francisco came together to grant the little tyke his dying wish – to be Batman.


Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World – Excellent doc about that creepy awesome weirdo Giger and his creepy awesome art and creations (think Alien).


The Connection – Good looking French crime thriller about drugs and kingpins and magistrates and police and smoking (being a French film, I assume there’s lots of smoking).


Duke of Burgundy – Excellent (from what I’m told) sexy romantic drama filled with butterflies, sadomasochism and beauty. High on my list of must watches. Expect to see this flick show up on a number of best of the year lists in the coming months.


Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief – Another excellent doc! This one is from Oscar winner Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) and the focus is squarely on the creepy goings on in the world of Scientology.


Hidden – That handsome blond vampire from True Blood has been living in a bomb shelter with his family for 301 days for some reason. Now something evil is trying to get them. What is it, Bigfoot? Stephen Harper?


Insidious 3 – More Insidiousness for those who like things insidious.


Jack Strong – Cold War thriller about a famous Polish informer. Didn’t see anyone named Jack Strong in the credits so your guess is as good as mine as to why this film has such a borderline lame title.


The Killing Season 4 – Locally shot crime drama favourite continues down it’s dark path.


The Leftovers – Excellent HBO sci-fi TV drama about what happens when a good chunk of the world’s population just disappears. What are the remaining leftover folks to do? Interesting premise. The herd could really use a bit of a culling, no? From the dude who invented Lost.


Magic Mike XXL – Channing Tatum, fresh off playing a space dog in Jupiter Ascending, is back as stripper Mike who, coming out of stripper retirement, gets his tanned, buff stripper buddies together for one last big blowout stripperrama in Myrtle Beach. Sounds great.


The Nightmare – Highly regarded and terrifying doc about folks with sleep disorders where the nightmares are so intense they cause sleep paralysis. From the fella who made that doc about The Shining, Room 237. That pillow could use a serious washing.


Penny Dreadful Season 2 – Pretty good gothic horror show that features Josh Hartnett, Eve Green and one of the James Bonds fighting many famous monsters in the streets of ye olde London towne.


When Marnie Was There – The latest amazing animated film from Studio Ghibli finds a young girl going to the countryside where she befriends another young girl named Marnie. Friendship and maybe something mysterious transpires.

Coming Next Week!

A Little Death
Mad Men: Final Season Part 2
San Andreas
Vikings Season 3
Wayward Pines Season 1
We are Still Here

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Knick S1
Leftovers S1
Going Clear: Scientology and other stu
The Jinx: Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
Duke of Burgundy
Mad Max Fury Road
Avengers 2
I Zombie S1
The Overnight

That’s it for this week, folks. Enjoy the great weather, have a beer on a patio, lay in the grass with friends and remember, keep watching.

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31 Days of Halloween


Off to the dentist!

Click here to see Black Dog’s famed 31 Days of Halloween movie recommendations! Everyday for the month of October (cause that’s when Halloween is this year) we will recommend a fantastic horror film for you to discover or re-watch. I hope that these picks meet with your expectations!

Say it’s ain’t so, Steve!

As long as he keeps on keeping on making quality shows, I don’t really care if they’re films or TV. I thought (and still think) that The Knick is excellent!


Review: Furious Seven


Would be an awesome photo if everyone was bald.

There will be spoilers…

They say that dreams are fleeting. As dreams race through your sleeping brain they can be quite vivid, intense and generally non-sensical. Once you wake they usually fade from memory quicker than a fart in a windstorm. This is how I feel about the Fast and the Furious series. Seven intense farts in seven non-sensical windstorms. I think I’ve seen most of them but to be honest I can’t really remember any of them. They all seem to have the same things: Vin Diesel (not his real name), Paul Walker (R.I.P.), some crazy fast cars driving around doing impossible things and beautiful women not wearing or doing much.


I take that back, this is a very important job!

I sat down to watch Furious 7 (I can’t believe that they’ve made seven of these things already) without remembering anything about number 6 (or 5 or 4 or any of them really. Maybe I haven’t actually seen any of them?) or who any of the characters were. Didn’t matter. What I saw or what I think I saw as my memory is a bit hazy, were cars flying through, not one, not two, but 3 buildings high up in the desert in the middle east. I saw The Rock drive an ambulance (which comes with a giant machine gun for some reason), off a bridge (not too sure how he got enough momentum as it was in the middle of the bridge) and onto a deadly drone, controlled by a nasty terrorist, that was flying around Los Angeles shooting at various fast cars driving furiously. Strange that there weren’t any cops or army guys out while this racket was happening. One question that popped into my fuzzy brain was how would a known terrorist get into the U.S. so easily with a giant attack helicopter that has a drone (which actually seemed much bigger than the helicopter itself) inside of it?


Seems legit.


In the future this will be a standard issue accessory in all medical emergency vehicles.

I saw cars parachuting out of planes, cars driving down mountains, cars smashing into other cars at high rates of speed. Buckle up buttercup! I saw Jason Statham shooting up an entire hospital and, again, no cops around. I saw Vin Diesel trying his best not to sound like Groot but failing miserably. There’s a great scene near the end of the film where everyone thinks he’s dead and his girlfriend, Letty, screams at the folks trying to save him to stop giving him mouth to mouth so she can cradle his giant bald head in her arms and revive him with tales of how they met. The power of love.


It was weird when the film suddenly turned political highlighting America’s race problems. Can Groot solve America’s Race Wars?

The entire plot revolves around either Statham trying to kill the Furious gang or the Furious gang trying to kill Statham. Kurt Russell (yay!) pops up to help the them find Statham (and try and convince Groot to give up Corona for some Belgium beer) if they help him rescue an impossibly beautiful computer nerd (for some reason after they rescue her she goes swimming in her sexy bathing suit. Did she bring the swimwear with her when she was originally kidnapped?). Anyways,  Vin Groot agrees to this plan but he really didn’t need to as Statham keeps showing up everywhere the Furious gang is to try to kill them. All they had to do was wait for him. Whatever.


Nerd! Good thing I packed my trunks before being kidnapped!

Furious 7 is not what you call a good movie. It was fairly entertaining, if overly long, and eye-rolling at many parts. It’s even quite touching (if not a tad manipulative) at the end with a nice tribute to Paul Walker who died, ironically, in a car crash (not related to the movie) part way through the production.



If you’re looking for fast cars, ridiculous action, car mayhem and lots of fighting, this is your ticket. There’s a point in the movie where Vin says something along the lines of “My crew are drivers, they’re not fighters” which is pretty funny since almost everyone of his crew gets in a fight (and wins!). You have Vin Groosel fighting Statham, the Rock fighting Statham, Tony Jaa fighting Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriquez fighting, not only Lady Roadhouse (Ronda Rousey), but a bunch of cool-looking female body guards and yourself fighting disbelief. Lots and lots of fighting. Oh, and you also have a hilarious scene with the Rock flexing his muscles to explode the cast off of his, apparently, healed arm so he can fight. Pretty good times. Or was it all a dream? 6/10


My dreams always have the Rock in them flexing out of a cast for some reason.

Tell it like it is, QT!


A man after my own heart…



Black Dog Newsletter September 29th to October 5th “Halloween Month is Here Edition!”


You’re definitely fired!

We are fast approaching my favourite celebration of the year – Halloween! It’s a time for scary movies, trick-or-treating and dressing up in stupid costumes such as a sexy carrot, or a sexy Forrest Gump or even a sexy Donald Trump (I think that I just threw up in my mouth a bit). Here at Black Dog we love horror films and to honour Halloween month we’ll be recommending a quality horror movie each and every day of October. You can check out our suggestions here starting October 1st!

A couple of other notes – the huge DVD and Blu Ray sale continues unabated at both stores! Drop in and take something home to love and cherish. And keep October 17th circled on your calendar or write it on your hand or forehead as it’s the 5th annual International Video Store Day! We’ll have some tasty treats up our sleeves.

New Releases


Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Avengers are back to stop a sassy robot who wants to destroy the earth for some reason. More of the same for those of you (and I think that there may be a lot of you) who like this sort of thing.


Black Sails Season 1 – TV show about pirates set back in the day. You know, the day that had pirates.


Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Canon Films – Doc about Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, two movie-loving cousins who unleashed such B movie classics as Enter the Ninja, Cobra, Invasion USA and tons of others onto an unsuspecting public. Good stuff!


Entourage: The Movie – Here’s that Entourage movie that no-one asked for.


I Zombie: Season 1 – Pretty fun, locally shot TV show about a woman who gets turned into a zombie, eats brains and works in a morgue (handy). She also solves crimes. Good cast and some snappy writing helps to elevate the silly premise. Worth getting into your eyes.


I’ll See You in My Dreams – A nice, yet somewhat bittersweet, drama (maybe with a wee bit of comedy?) about aging and finding love in one’s twilight years. Stars Blythe Danner and a grizzled Sam Elliot.


Poltergeist – Why? Why bother remaking such a fun classic? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Quit trying to destroy my childhood, Hollywood! That said, I’ll probably watch this nonsense as I’ll pretty much watch anything in the horror vein.


Return to Sender – Exploitation-type revenge thriller that finds Gone Girl Rosemund Pike as a nurse who goes on a blind date with a dude who may not have the best of intentions.


Spy – Pretty funny (if not overly-long) comedy that finds CIA analyst Melissa McCarthy going undercover to find Jude Law in Europe. Made me laugh a number of times – some of the best bits being her undercover IDs (10 cats?!). One thing I learned from watching this is that Jason Statham should stick to action films as comedy is not in his blood.


When Animals Dream – They move their cute little feet! Or in this case we have a Danish horror flick about a teen girl who, while taking care of her ill parents in a small town, also turns into a wolf-like monster and slays various townsfolk every now and then.

Coming Next Week!

Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World
Cop Car
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Insidious: Chapter 3
The Leftovers Season 1
Magic Mike XXL
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Penny Dreadful Season 2
When Marnie Was There

Recently Viewed and Recommended

I Zombie
Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
The Knick Season 1
Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

For more recommendations click here. For access to our blog click here. Or you can just go outside and enjoy the lovely weather.


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What Makes a Good Trailer…

There’s nothing worse than a bad movie trailer that gives away half or more of the movie. Well there are a few things worse than that – ISIS, Stephen Harper, cleaning the cat box when the cat misses it. Anyways, here’s a nice article from The Onion about what makes a good one. Man, watching some of these really makes me want to go and watch the films again – Hello, Simple Man, Cloverfield, Kill Bill and Social Network!



Horror from Peru!

This looks pretty cool!