Black Dog Newsletter February 23rd to March 1st “Oscar Edition!”


Free hugs!

I hope you all had your fill of the Oscars. Nice to see JK Simmons get a little gold JK Simmons statue. Whiplash is now out on the DVD/BLU Ray and you should watch it. Especially if you like jazz and drumming and intensity. And Birdman. Neat.

So next week, March 5th, a Thursday of all days, is the 19th anniversary of the Cambie Black Dog Video! Holy hotdogs! It’s been 19 years since I opened the store. I had so much more hair back then. And less wives and children. It’s been a strange and wonderful and sad trip. I’d like to say, “Bring on 19 more!” but that seems doubtful. But you never know. So stop by on the 5th of March (next Thursday) for some sweet deals, a sale on our lovely T-shirts and whatever else we can come up with.

New on the Shelves!


Big Hero 6 – Oscar winner for best foreign film, I mean animated feature finds a big white blob guy making friends with a kid and saving high school or the world or something like that.


Elsa and Fred – A couple of old folks I thought might have been dead already (Shirley McClaine and Chris Plummer) hang out and dance and smile their toothless grins and do other things as well. Never too late for romance I’ve always said!


The Game – Cold War TV thriller British style thriller starring the always thrilling Brian Cox. Looks pretty good if you’re into these type of thrillers.


Horrible Bosses 2 – Another kick at the comedy can for the bunch of the goofs from the first instalment finds them getting caught up in kidnapping and other assorted hijinks. Because nothing is funnier than kidnapping. Nothing.


Kill the Messenger – Jeremy Renner plays a reporter who becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign when he exposes the CIAs involvement in arming the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s. Man, the US sure gets away with a lot of nasty shit. Based on a true tale.


Sons of AnarchyFinal Season – Those nice boys in matching outfits are back to drive around on their hogs and cause all sorts of mischief. I think this final season finds them in outer space for some reason.


Whiplash – Intense teen loner jazz drummer, who looks a bit like a talking potato, falls under the tutelage of borderline psycho jazz instructor. Much drumming, yelling, jazz and intensity ensue. Very much recommended.

Coming at You Next Week

Last of Robin Hood
Life Partners
Outlander Season 1
Princess Grace
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

We have lots to recommend to please your lovely eyes!

Enjoy your week Vancouver. Stay real.

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Black Dog Newsletter for week of February 16th – 22nd 2015!

Hello internet user. It’s Newsletter Time Again!

I hope you all had a pleasant Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day combo weekend. It’s pretty much spring now. I walked to work without a jacket on today and it’s February. Yikes. Anyhow, we got a bunch of new releases this week including a lot of Oscar-nominated titles and two movies with Naomi Watts.



Michael Keaton plays an aging ex-superhero actor which is probably not a stretch for the former Mr. Batman. Supposedly good. Nominated for 9 academy awards!


The Theory of Everything
This Stephen Hawking biopic covers his early life at Cambridge, relationship with his wife, later life, crippling disease and scientific accomplishments. Based on the memoir written by his wife Jane Hawking. Nominated for 5 Oscars. If you’re in to Mr. Hawking’s work you should also check out the many science documentaries of his we have in stock.


St. Vincent
Curmudgeonly, hard-drinking, gambling old-man Bill Murray befriends a young neighbour boy with a single mother. Nominated for no academy awards, but academy awards don’t really mean anything.


The Interview
Seth Rogen and James Franco teamed up once again and this time they decided to push the limits of political correctness all the way. They play members of the American media who travel to North Korea with the secret mission of murdering Kim Jong-un. Oy vey.


The Homesman
A Western starring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones. He plays a man in charge of escorting three women across the midwest in olden times. Also staring Meryl Streep!


Dumb and Dumber To
The Farrelly brothers are back with a very silly sequel to the 1994 hit comedy. Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels are out to prove that they’re not just respected dramatic actors – they can still make fart jokes like they used to. Nominated for 23 Oscars!


Dying of the Light
Nicolas Cage plays an aging CIA agent who is diagnosed with aggressive dementia just as he also learns that his former nemesis has come out of hiding. Will he have a chance to get his perp before his mind turns to mush?? Watch and find out.


VHS Viral
The horror sequel to VHS and VHS 2 about viral videos that turn sinister. Somehow this movie was directed by 6 people.


Force Majeure
A dark comedy about a seemingly perfect Swedish family that gets stranded on a mountainside by an avalanche on a skiing trip. Should have been nominated!


Paris Follies
A couple of French farmers travel to Paris in the hopes of rekindling their love and to get away from all that manure. Starring Isabelle Huppert who appears to never age.


The Tale of Princess Kaguya
Another gem from Studio Ghibli which seems to be sort of a Japanese take on the fairytale Thumbelina. A tiny girl is found in a bamboo stalk and then grows up to be a princess.


Life Itself
Excellent documentary from the director of Hoop Dreams about the life and work of Pulitzer Prize winning film critic and recently deceased man Roger Ebert. Should have been nominated!


The Chair
A documentary TV series that follows two first-time directors making two separate films adapted from the same original screenplay. They are also in competition with one another for the prize of $250,000. Whose film is better? Watch them both and judge for yourself.


Game of Thrones – Season 4
The most popular fantasy series is back for a fourth season! Who will die? Who will live? Who will fall in love with their own sibling?! All of these questions will be answered!

Coming Soon

Kill the Messenger
Big Hero 6
Code Black
One Chance
Young Ones
Sons of Anarchy – Season 7

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Bye. Have a nice week.

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