Free Hugs! Black Dog’s Guide to What’s New on the Shelves: Tuesday June 24th


I managed to slink out of town this past weekend for a wonderful excursion to Saturna Island. Such an amazing place, full of nature like things – eagles, otters, seals, snakes, hippies, yetis – and so damn quiet. It took me a little while to adjust to the silence of the quiet as I’m so used to the noise and constant din of living in the city. It really is a magical place. I slept, ate, and drank (maybe a little too much) very well. Did some kayaking, hiking and just general relaxing. It’s quite impressive how all the stresses of everyday life just dissolve away as soon as you set foot there. It really sucked to have to come back to reality Sunday and be confronted with all the everyday crap and stresses. It was great while it lasted.



So this is the last week that Josie will be tending the desk over at Commercial. Her last day is Friday, so make sure you drop in, say hi/by. She also accepts beer.

All week, as long as the damn teacher’s strike lasts, we’ll be offering 2 for 1 old title kids films to make your having to hang out with children that much more tolerable.

If you have any DVDs or Blu Rays in good shape that you want to rid yourself of, we can help. Bring them into either Black Dog and we’ll take them off your hands. We can’t off offer much – $1 each or a store credit of $2 per unit. They also have to be stuff that we want so don’t bring in your Eric Roberts collection.

In Your Eyes


Blood Ties – Two bros, one a cop the other a criminal, face off against each other in 1970’s Brooklyn. Sounds like very familiar territory. Here’s hoping that the fine cast – Clive Owen (he has an enormous head), Marion Cotillard (love me some Marion Cotillard), Billy Crudup (he’s nice too) – can make up for the lack of originality. It’s also directed by the French guy who made the excellent Tell No One so it has that going for it. DVD and Blu Ray.


The Bridge Season 1 – Very good (from what I hears) TV detective show set on the Mexican/American border that finds cops from both countries working together to bring down a serial killer. Think The Killing but with less rain and more moustaches and accents. DVD


Enemy – A couple of Jake Gyllenhaals (what’s better than Jake Gyllenhaal? Two Jake Gyllenhaals!) creep around in this mind-melting noirish thriller that finds one of the Jake Gyllenhaals spotting another Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie so he sets out to find out what the poop is. Heard very good things about this messed up, tricked-out number. DVD and Blu Ray.


Gloria – A free-spirited older woman in Chile hits the clubs to find romance. The words free-spirited always scare me for some reason.


Jack Taylor Season 2 – More detective shenanigans starring that guy who’s in love with the dragon lady on Game of Thrones. Good stuff.


Masters of Sex Season 1 – Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan play those perverts, Masters and Johnson, who changed the way folks thought and knew and got down with sex back in the day. Excellent, juicy morsels for your brains. All of your brains if ya know what I mean. DVD.


300: Rise of an Empire – Lots of glistening abs and slow motion blood spatter highlight this sequel to 300 from a few years back. Don’t expect much of a history lesson here but if you want lots of the red stuff, buff dudes in loincloths violating each other’s toned flesh in all sorts of ways, and Eva Green, this should do the trick just nicely. DVD and Blu Ray.


Walk of Shame – Cutie Elizabeth Banks gets into a spot of trouble after a drunken one-night-stand. Hilarity and misunderstandings, I presume, ensue. DVD.


A Winter’s Tale – Treacly-looking thing finds doe-eyed Colin Farrell (whatever happened to that guy?) finding out he has the power of reincarnation so he tries to resurrect a dead heiress he fell in love with while burglarizing her house. Nope nothing creepy going on there. You may also see Russell Crowe lurking around somewhere in this one. Odd film to come out in the summertime, no? DVD and Blu Ray.


Wolf Creek 2 – One of the best on-screen villains in years is back to ply his trade on more unsuspecting coeds who make the mistake of traipsing around in Australia’s outback. I keep saying, never go to Australia, everything there wants to kill you. DVD.

Coming Next Week to Please You

Young Doctor’s Notebook
Adult World
Best Offer
Hinterland Series 1
Like Father, Like Son

Want to Watch Something Really Good? Might We Recommend…

Here’s some words of wisdom from our friends at Eyesore Cinema in Toronto. Pass it on…


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Free Hugs! Black Dog’s Guide to What’s New and True on the Shelves: June 17th

Free Hugs!


What a difference a week makes…while Italian Days was a hot, sweaty, meaty slog to get through, Car-Free Day this past Sunday was a pleasure to experience. Maybe it was just the different laid-back, chilled-out vibe, maybe because it was mostly locals instead of half the city descending on our fair neighbourhood, maybe it was because of the rain, the hail and the locusts that kept lots of folk away? Whatever the reason, Sunday’s romp around the streets was entirely pleasurable! It would be nice to do one of these a month – a few years ago it was every Sunday but the kibosh was put on that pretty darn quick by some of the non-appreciating businesses. Oh well. Enjoy it when you can.

Spot the differences…

Just after we said goodbye to Shoby at Cambie Street, we have to tell you that Josie over at Commercial Drive will be leaving us at the end of the month. She has been with us since we opened up there 8 1/2 years ago and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours (I believe she’s going to opening a bungee-jumping school). Drop by to say so-long, wish her well and buy her a beer. Her last day will be June 27th.

For Your Eyes Only


Death in Paradise Season 1 – A fine shoe from the BBC finds an uptight British investigator being sent to the island of St. Marie to investigate another cop’s murder. Only problem is he hates the sun, the sand and the sea and the seafood. Maybe if he didn’t wear a damn suit to the beach! DVD.


Devil’s Knot – Atom Egoyan returns to the thriller genre with mixed results. Here he tackles the famous West Memphis Three case that found a trio of heavy metal (re: Satanic) loving kids who were found guilty of murdering three little boys. Has the Colin Firth and the Reese Witherspoon in it. Rent the many documentaries on this subject instead. DVD and Blu Ray.


Drive Hard – Porno (sounding) film starring John Cusack as a driver (heh-heh) who’s kidnapped by Thomas Jane and forced to be a get-away driver during some sort of heist. Cusack continues his slow decent into straight-to-video hell. This must be his 39th film this year! Drive Hard indeed, my friend, Drive Hard. DVD and Blu Ray.


Ernest and Celestine – Oscar nominated animated fare finds a mouse and a bear becoming friends and going on adventures. Maybe they solve some crimes? Maybe they should have starred in Drive Hard? DVD.


The Grand Budapest Hotel – Might be my favourite Wes Anderson film since Royal Tenenbaums. This one has everything: excellent ensemble cast, quirky characters, impeccable framing, killer soundtrack, Willem Dafoe, title cards, fake snow, just the right amount of whimsy, love, tragedy and an excellent lobby boy. Do yourself a favour and get this into your eyes ASAP. DVD and Blu Ray.


House of Cards Season 2 – Love this show. Nasty Kevin Spacey, he is. Cold and calculating Robin Wright, she is. A couple of WTF moments that will make you look at whoever you’re watching this with (yes your cat counts) and go “Whoa!” Despite the fact that it’s from Netflix, it is a fun, excellent show. DVD.


Joe – David Gordon Green (All the Real Girls) goes home again after some Hollywood bombs (I’m looking at you The Sitter!) and takes Nic Cage with him (I’m looking at everything you’ve done in the past 10 years) for this quiet character study about an ex-com who takes a troubled boy under his wing. What’s under his wing? You’ll have to watch to find out! DVD and Blu Ray.


The Lego Movie – I’ve only, ahem, seen this 3 times so far. Maybe I should watch it with my kid? This movie has no business (no Lord Business!) being this good. Fun for anyone who’s ever played with Lego, heard about Lego, or has eyes in the front of their head. DVD and Blu Ray and 3-D Blu Ray (3-D only at Cambie). *Warning* You or your child will be singing “Everything is Awesome” for weeks to come.


The Machine – A couple of scientists invent a fancy new computer-machine-lady for the purposes of “doing good”. Problem is, the funding for the fancy new computer-machine-lady comes from the ministry of defence. As you might surmise, things go wrong and some fancy new computer-machine-lady killing ensues. DVD and Blu Ray.


Measure of the Sin – Strange but intriguing sounding film finds a lonely, abandoned girl taking up residence in a house filled with other women and their children that is run by a mean, sinister man who controls every aspect of their existence. Oh, and there’s a scary bear that only she can see. DVD.


No Clue – From local funny-man Brent Butt and local filmmaker Carl Bessai comes this comedy about mistaken identity, private dicks, missing brothers, computer games and attractive dames. DVD.

In Your Eyes Next Week

300: Rise of an Empire
Before the Winter Chill
Blood Ties
The Bridge Season 1
Jack Taylor Season 2
Masters of Sex Season 1
Walk of Shame
A Winters Tale
Wolf Creek 2

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That’s it for this week kids. Have a safe and happy 7 days until we meet again. See you soon.

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Free Hugs! Black Dog Video’s Guide to What’s New and True on the Shelves: Tuesday June 7th


Crazy Sunday on the Drive as millions of people flocked to Italian Days to wander the streets, shoulder to shoulder in the hot sun, yell and honk at each other as they fought for parking spots and waited in excruciatingly long lines to taste some mediocre food. I lasted about 45 minutes trapped in the sweaty, undulating mass of humanity before I had to break free and run (almost screaming) home. These things used to be fun for me but it seems that it has gotten way busier over the last few years and I really dislike big crowds. Big sweaty crowds with lots of exposed, glistening flesh. It’s not as sexy as it sounds. And it won’t be any different this Sunday as it’s Car Free Day. You’d think that the powers that be might want to space these two very similar events out a little bit?


If you look close you can see me, right over there. No a little to the left. The guy who’s sobbing into his hands.

Over at the Cambie store it is with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to the lovely and talented Siobhan (aka Shoby, aka Fiobhan, aka Shobi-wan). She’ll be skipping town soon as she’s moving to Nunavut or Reykjavik or some godforsaken place. Drop in on Friday or Sunday to bid farewell and give her a hug and a beer. She loves hugs. And beer.

Get These into Your Eyes Today!


Alan Partridge – Funny-man Steve Coogan brings the funny, man, in Alan Partridge! He’s a famous DJ whose radio station gets taken over by an evil (of course it’s evil) media conglomerate. Hijinks, I presume, ensue. DVD and Blu ray.


Attack on Titan – Insanely awesome looking anime finds humanity, 2000 years in the future, on the brink of extinction because these things called titans keep eating everyone. I’m assuming that titans are really big fellas. Really big hungry fellas. DVD and Blu Ray. (At Commercial only, soon at Cambie)


Capital – New film from Costa-Gravas (Missing, Z) looks at the world of high finance as a CEO of a giant European investment bank works to hold on to his power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy out his company. Man, that’s a boring description. I almost fell asleep just writing it. I assume that the film itself will be much more scintillating. Stars Gabriel Byrne. DVD.


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Science cool-guy, rock star, man-God Neil deGrasse Tyson brings us an amazing series based on the great work of Carl Sagan. Want to know everything there is to know about everything? This is your chance. DVD and Blu Ray.


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Not too sure what a Shadow Recruit is, maybe an actual shadow that’s been recruited for some nefarious, shadowy purpose? Or is it a metaphor for the struggles of the working class in an increasingly dystopian society? Maybe it’s just an action movie starring that new Star Trek guy. Directed, for some reason, by Kenneth Branagh. DVD and Blu Ray.


Miraculum – Drama from Quebec finds a bunch of folks unwittingly interacting and affecting each other’s lives. Supposed to be quite a fine film. Think Crash, but in French and with an airplane in it and hopefully better than Crash..


Non-Stop – Dumb action film finds brooding, alcoholic air marshall Liam Neeson being taunted on an airplane by a terrorist/psycho who says he will start to kill the passengers if his demands aren’t met. One of his demands is that Liam Neeson act in better movies. What started out as a decent thriller soon turned in a silly improbable dunce-fest. My eyes almost rolled out of my head a few times. Liam Neeson is becoming the Nic Cage of the day. I did enjoy it on a certain level (think being tired and having one too many beers) but please don’t go in looking for anything good here. DVD and Blu Ray.


Ray Donovan Season 1 – Liev Schreiber is a Hollywood “fixer”. He can make your problems go away (man I could use a guy like that). That is if you’re rich and famous (scratch that). Then his seedy old man (Jon Voight, doing his best Jon Voightiest sleazy old dad guy) gets out of the slammer and causes trouble. Bad trouble. Heard terrific things about this show. DVD


Short Game – Fun little doc about the best golfers in the world competing in a golf tourney somewhere where there’s a golf course. Oh, did I mention that they’re all 7 years-old? Because they are.


A Short History of Decay – Comedy finds a failed Brooklyn writer (bet he’s some sort of mustachioed hipster) visiting is aging parents in Florida (mom is played by Linda Lavin!). I guess some other stuff happens as well. DVD.


Space Battleship Yamato – Crazy looking (as in crazy-awesome looking) Japanese flick about a space battleship (yes, you read that right) that sets out on a mission to try to save humanity. DVD and Blu Ray.


Tim’s Vermeer – Most excellent doc finds inventor Tim Jenison seeking to understand the painting techniques used by Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer. Directed, for some reason, by Teller – the silent half of Penn and Teller. DVD and Blu Ray.


True Detective Season 1 – One of TVs best shows in recent memory finds a most excellent Matthew McConaughey and fabulous Woody Harrelson as detectives trying to solve a bunch of murders in the hot southern state of Louisiana. You can almost feel the humidity when you watch this. Or maybe it was just my dank house. Excellent from start to finish. DVD and Blu Ray.

On the Shelf to Dazzle You Next Week

Death in Paradise Season 1
Devil’s Knot
Drive Hard
Ernest & Celestine
Grand Budapest Hotel
House of Cards Season 2
The Lego Movie
Measure of the Sin
No Clue

Need something to watch? Thought so. Check out our recommendations!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Hope that everyone has a fabulous seven days. And hope to see all of you with your dazzling smiles in the stores real soon.

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Free Hugs: Black Dog’s Guide to What’s New and True on the Shelves Tuesday June 3rd

Free hugs!


Close enough.

Well I’m glad that the wretched month of May is finally over. For whatever reason May is one of the worst months of the year for our business. Is it because the weather is finally getting nice and everyone is getting into their short-shorts, their jorts and mesh cut-off t-shirts? Maybe. It wasn’t the greatest month for releases either. I’m sure that plays into it. Doesn’t help with the stress though. Damn you, May! June and July look pretty damn strong as we”re seeing some of the better films from earlier this year hit the shelves. I hope that there’s something to entice you back into the stores as we’d all love to see you. And yes, we are still putting something cool together to help keep this boat afloat. Stay tuned.

cropped mesh shirtsimgres-2People Of Wal-Mart One Piece Thong & Jorts
I Love Summer

For Your Eyes Only – Tuesday June 3rd


Confession of Murder – Neat-o looking Korean (South, in case you were wondering) film about a killer who writes a tell-all confessional of his crimes after the statute of limitations runs out on said crimes. This doesn’t set too well with the cop who investigated the case or one of the mothers of his victims. Or another serial killer who is doing something nasty. Sounds like a delicious stew, a melange if you will, of crimes and mayhem. And I’m hungry! DVD.


Graceland Season 1 – TV show that centres around a drug house seized by the feds on a beach where all sorts of FBI and DEA and other acronymed US government types hang out and solve crimes and share stories and hot tub adventures. Heard pretty good things about this one although I’m not too sure how prominent the hot tub factors into the proceedings. DVD.


Like Someone in Love – From the great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, (Taste of Cherry, Close-Up, Certified Copy) comes this small intimate drama set in Tokyo. A young lady of the night develops an unusual relationship with an older widower over the period of a couple of days. Hijinks, I doubt, ensue. DVD and Blu Ray – Criterion.


Lone Survivor – I was surprised how much I enjoyed this tale of Marky-Mark and a few other hunky army types who have to fight their way out of a botched mission in Afghanistan. My only complaint is the title. Hello, spoiler alert! That and the jingoistic, macho horse-shit you have to get through at the beginning before the good intense stuff kicks in. DVD and Blu Ray.


On the Job – Cool looking Philippine film about some prison inmates who were temporarily released from prison to work as contract killers on behalf of politicians and high ranking military officials. Supposedly based on some true events. And you thought our government was bad! Seems the Philippines are coming up with some solid action films these days (think the 2 Raid films). DVD.


The Returned – Nice-looking (and acclaimed!) French TV series about some folks in a small town returning from the dead to resume their regular lives. As one might presume, things don’t go all that smoothly. Throw in a serial killer on the loose and let the weird, hopefully, creepy hijinks ensue! DVD. At Commercial, soon to Cambie.


Robocop – Go home, Hollywood, you’re drunk and have no original ideas. Why bother remaking this film? The original is so great and there’s no way they can touch the satire or the extreme violence of the Verhoven’s classic, so why bother? Sigh. DVD and Blu Ray.


Small Time – Comedy/drama type dramedy about a kid who decides to skip college so he can sell used cars with his dad. Stars Hank from Breaking Bad and that other guy from Law and Order: SVU. DVD.


Smuggler – Strange and crazy-looking Japanese mobster/comedy/torture/based-on-a-manga/failed-actor-trying-to-redeem-himself type of flick. Might be worth a watch for those of you who like their Japanese films with a touch of everything that I mentioned. DVD.


True Blood Season 6 – Are these boring vampires still going around sucking and emoting all over the place? I stopped watching this a few seasons ago. But don’t let that stop from enjoying all the biters and werewolves and fairies and witches and undead and Yetis and big killer squirrels to your hearts content. DVD


Whitewash – The most excellent Thomas Haden Church stars in this chilly Canadian effort about a snow-plow operator (Mr. Plow? That’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow) who accidentally kills a guy with his plow and then hightails it into the woods to escape from the authorities and his conscience. I wonder which catches up with him first. Support Canadian film! And films about plows! DVD.

Old titles for You to Revel In

Just received and amazing batch of Criterions! All in DVD and Blu Ray except The Underneath which is DVD only.

Breaking the Waves
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Foreign Correspondent
Like Someone in Love
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
King of the Hill (Soderbergh)
The Underneath

In Your Eyes Next Week

A Short History of Decay
Alan Partridge
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Ray Donovan
Short Game
Tim’s Vermeer
True Detective Season 1

Need something to watch? Might we recommend…

If you feel the need to be in the sun, hydrate people! It’s the only way you’ll be to stay awake at night to watch all of these great films!

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