Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending February 3rd

I was tootling through some of my old newsletters for no reason and I was struck by how many photos, images and drawings and what not I’ve assaulted your eyes and brains with over the past year. What I found amusing about many of them is that they are just there, sitting in a file on my computing device, without reason or meaning. The images were pretty chuckle-worthy in the context of whatever it was I was writing about at the time, but I find them very funny in a different kind of way on their own. They’re just there all by themselves being hilarious. Here’s a little sampling of what I’m yammering on about. If you want to see even more choice cuts click here




Am I right, or what?

So we’re at the point in the year where we like to comb through the collection and see what doesn’t need to live at the stores anymore. That means, good reader, that we’ll be having a sale in the very near future. I’m hoping to have some stuff for your eyes and wallet to enjoy by the end of the week. They’ll be a good price $5 each, 2 for $8 and 3 for $10. It will be an interesting eclectic mix of old stuff that doesn’t rent anymore or films that we have multiple copies. Stay tuned…Best to “like” us on the Facebooks and the Twitters for updates on what’s for sale and where. and

New Releases for Tuesday January 28th


Act of Killing – We finally got the DVD version of this crazy, chilling and bizarre film. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – former Indonesian Death Squad leaders are interviewed and then persuaded to reenact their dastardly crimes in whatever movie trope that they choose – be they musical, film noir etc. It’s something that everyone should watch if you can handle it. Out of this world.


Bad Grandpa – The Jackass lads are at it again. Johnny Knoxville dresses up like an old man – old man makeup is Oscar nominated! – and takes his grandson and his grandson’s dead mother’s body across the country to be dropped off with his estranged dad. Plot doesn’t matter. It’s the comedy that matters and there’s loads of it here. I laughed till I hurt myself – strained ribs, blown testicle and a possible aneurism. It’s a pretty weird film as there’s only a couple of actors (the kid is totally great “Thanks for the crime!”) and they just film, via hidden cameras, regular folks reacting to the absurd situations. Hijinks, I can confirm, ensue. Also on the Blu Ray.


Bad Milo – Not to be confused with Bad Grandpa – well one could confuse the two had Johnny Knoxville climbed out of some dude’s anus and started killing people. Yep, you read that right. Milo is a little stinky monster that emerges from Ken Marino’s ass to do his deadly bidding. Heard that this is actually a pretty well-made, fun flick. I only wish this were a documentary.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – More animated food comedy. You know you want to see this. Also on the Blu Ray.


Downton Abbey Season 4 – More stuffy, upper-crust British goings-ons. I wonder who they’re going to kill off this season? You know you want to see this.


Fifth Estate – Benepatch Cumberpin plays that rascal Julian Assange in this kind of bio-pic about how Wikileaks got it’s start and all the headaches they caused the powers that be. Take that, powers that be! Also on the Blu Ray.


Kill Charlie Countryman – Shia Ladouche takes a break from plagiarizing everyone and skywriting to star in this odd sounding little drama about a loser falling for a Romanian beauty who has a violent ex. The ex is played by the great Mads Mikkelson, so it has that going for it. Also on the Blu Ray.


Last Vegas – A bunch of geezers hit Vegas for a bachelor party.  Swingers for the geriatric set? I bet one of them falls into a swimming pool! Also on the Blu Ray.


Metallica: Through the Never – Everyone’s favourite therapy-riddled metal-heads play their loud music while a roadie scrambles around the town (Vancouver town that is) looking for a mysterious briefcase filled with something mysterious. What could it be? Their high colonic kit? A portal to the future? A portal to the past where they go and erase all traces of St. Anger and that thing they did with Lou Reed? Also on the Blu Ray.


Night Train to Lisbon – Jeremy Irons is a buttoned down professor who embarks on an adventure that will take him “on a journey to the very heart of himself.” Ugh, I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


Nuit Blanche – Gripping French thriller about a cop getting in trouble with the criminal underworld that he has ties and stakes and ties to. Like me some French thriller!


Rush – Thor is a race car driver in the 70’s who has an intense rivalry with some other guy who also drives his cars really fast. Heard very good things about this flick. I wonder if Rush does that soundtrack. That would be trippy. Also on the Blu Ray.


Violet and Daisy – A couple of teenage assassins, ahem, take on what seems to be a quick and easy job in this “grind-house fairy-tale”. Of course it’s anything but when James Gandolfini is their target.

Coming Next Week

Escape Plan
Free Birds
White Queen
House of Versace
About Time
Short Term 12
Cutie and the Boxer
Crash Reel
Best Man Down

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Act of Killing
Bad Grandpa
In a World
Captain Phillips
Blue Jasmine

You know what would go great with a lovely pair of Black Dog underwear (only $10 for the ladies and $15 for the dude’s)? A sweet pair of Action pants!


That’s it for this week folks. Good viewing to you and yours!
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Meaningless photos!

Here’s a bunch of photos and stuff that I used in older editions of newsletters that, at one time, had some context to relate their hilarity. I think that many stand on their own. Enjoy!

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 27th

So the family has been in Mexico for almost two weeks now. I’m pretty impressed that I’m still alive and kicking. Actually it’s been quite nice having the house to myself for such a long period of time. Almost harkens back to the days of being single, except there’s no parade of lovely ladies through my space-age bachelor pad! (Hah! There was no parade, it was more like the Bataan Death March). I didn’t go with them as I had a hockey tournament scheduled last weekend and they put this jaunt together last minute. I traveled up to Apex mountain near Penticton for some great outdoor adventures with my hockey team, The Bombers (look for Bomber Brewing to get beer in your mouths in the next few weeks!). Here’s a nice article with some great photos in The Courier about the more..

So I’ve basically just been watching films since they’ve been gone. My wife doesn’t care for horror or suspense flicks so I’ve been digesting plenty of those amongst other things. They’ve ranged from the very poor – Lords of Salem – to the surprisingly good – Maniac (remake), the chilling doc Act of Killing, Spike Jonze’s Her and even a little Russ Meyer thrown in for good measure – Harry, Cherry and Raquel. Good times. They’re back this Wednesday and, while I eagerly await their return, I’m going to kind of miss all this silence and independence. Guess I’ll have to wear pants again. Sigh.

If you haven’t bought any of Black Dog’s fabulous underwear as of yet, good news! We’re selling what we have left for the sweet price of $10 for the ladies (down from $15) and $15 for the dudes (they were $25). We don’t have a lot left so come on down and strap on a pair. You’ll be the belle of the ball at your next orgy. You can thank us later.


New Releases for Tuesday January 21st


Adore – Two hot mom’s, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, decide to sleep with each other’s hot sons. Yowsa! Now, too me that doesn’t sound like such a good idea. Even a bit creepy. But kinda hot, right? Am I right? Ahem.


Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen’s latest (and some say best since Crimes and Misdemeanors) finds the amazing Cate Blanchett leaving behind her troubles in NY for a fresh start in San Fran. Great cast includes Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, Louis CK and Andrew Dice Clay doing his best work since the Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Also on the Blu Ray.


Bridegroom – Good looking doc about a gay couple who experience some tragedy and how the legal and medical system fails those couples who don’t have the legal protection of marriage. Why is America so far behind most of the rest of the Western World? Tools.


Captain Phillips – Tom Hanks drives a really big ship that is attacked by some Somalia pirates. Geearhh! (classic Pirate sound) Pretty effective thriller although it’s about 1/2 too long. Still worth your time, matey (more classic Pirate noise)! Also on the Blue Ray.


In A World – Fine little comedy/drama finds the lovely and talented Lake Bell (yes that’s a real name) writing, directing and starring in this flick as a voice coach who has to compete with her dickish father for movie-trailer voice-over work. I nice little hour and a half to spend with these folk. Also has Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman and botox-to-the-max Geena Davis. Yay! Also on the Blu Ray.


Island – Weird sounding flick about a girl, abandoned at birth, who attempts to find her birth-mother and possibly kill her. I’m guessing by the title that she lives on an island? Or does the island represent the loneliness the girl feels in this crazy world? Could be both. Could be neither.


Machete Kills – Heard that it’s better than the first one but that’s not saying much as Machete was pretty underwhelming. Might have been better if they only did the fake trailer. This one stars Mad Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga, so it has that going for it. Also on the Blu Ray.


Shameless Season 3 – More hijinks and heartbreak follow the Gallagher family led by drunkard William H. Macy. Good stuff this show is.


Sohm – Doc about the weird, secret, cult-like “Thee Court of Master Sommeliers”, one of the world’s most exclusive organizations. Less than 200 candidates have ever reached the exalted Master level of all things wine. Apparently the course is next to impossible as the candidates, not only have to know everything about wine, but they also must preform tasks like riding a unicorn bareback, milking a leprechaun and stealing a pair of the Queen’s underwear from Buckingham Palace. Strange. (-note- I made those last things up)


Source Family – Another fascinating doc – this one is about The Source Family – an odd, cult-like (sense a theme this week) group of folks led by a guy name Yod (that’s Doy spelled backwards. Think about it) and his 14 wives who had a celebrity vegetarian hang-out restaurant and rock back on the Sunset Strip back in the day. Sounds very California.

Coming Next Week

Metallica: Through the Never
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Night Train to Lisbon
Downton Abbey Season 4
Kill Charlie Countryman
Nuit Blanche
The Fifth Estate
Violet and Daisy
Bad Grandpa

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Act of Killing
Captain Phillips
Blue Jasmine
Drug War
Only God Forgives

This One Direction act is great. I predict big things for these young whipper-snappers…[youtube][/youtube]

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 20th

Netflix sucks. And I’m not just saying that because they are competition, I’m saying that from direct experience. My wife “surprised” me last week by announcing that she’d signed us up for the free trial of Netflix. We’re looking to cancel our expensive cable but still get some shows that my sprog likes to watch, so she thought that we’d give it a whirl. So my first thought was, of course, divorce. But my second thought was, while feeling weird and unclean with the idea of having Netflix, I was a little curious to see what all the fuss was about. To say that I was shocked by the poor choice of films and TV and pretty much everything would be an understatement. I scanned through pretty much everything they offered in about 10 minutes. I think I said out loud maybe 3 times “I could watch that”. The selection is very poor. Last year Spike Lee released a list of 92 films that folks should watch. Netflix had 4 of them. We have 88. So take that, Netflix! And the way they categorize their films is ridiculous. I didn’t realize that the film Emperor, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox, was a “foreign film”. Looking at this Netlfix disappointment sure made me appreciate what an amazing selection of films we have at our stores. And there you won’t find Emperor in the Japan section.

Speaking of a great selection of films, scroll down to a link that will take you to a magical place where you can peruse what we here at Black Dog consider the top 100 Essential films that you should see before you die.

New Releases for Tuesday January 14th


20 Feet from Stardom – Fine documentary about back-ups singers. I’d love to be a back-up singer. I can’t sing.


A.C.O.D. – Guy who’s parents get divorced finds out that he was the subject of a study on divorce. Yes this is a comedy. Despite the weird name and awful cover art, I hear that it’s a pretty good one. Stars that skinny guy with the big head from Parks and Rec, Adam Scott.


Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – Despite the poor grammar and non-sensical title (I imagine that it makes sense if you actually watch the film) I here that this film ain’t not too bad for them eyes. Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara are doomed lovers caught up in some crime in Texas.


Act of Killing – Amazing, brutal, harrowing, soul-crushing documentary that interviews former insane evil shit-bag Indonesian death squad leaders to talk about and even re-intact their atrocities in whatever movie genre they wish, be they musicals, crime noir and romantic comedies (not too sure about the rom-com part). You’ll see this film on the top of almost every best of the year list from 2013 and expect it to win the Oscar as well. We only have the Blu Ray at the moment (screw up in my order) but the DVDs should be here soon. There are 2 versions available on the Blu Ray – the Theatrical Cut and the longer Director’s Cut.


Blue Caprice – Docudrama about those 2 guys from a few years back who drove around the US shooting people out of the back of their car. I assume their car was a Caprice and it was the colour blue.


The Butler or Lee Daniel’s The Butler – Not too sure why it’s call Lee Daniel’s The Butler. Is it about Lee Daniel’s butler? If Lee Daniels has Forrest Whitaker as his butler than I imagine that it is. If it’s not it about a butler in the White House who sees a lot of shit happen over the years. Also on the Blu Ray.


Carrie – So-so remake of the famed DePalma film and Stephen King book about a girl with telekinetic powers who has a really crazy religious mom. Does she use these powers for good – say like saving a burning baby from a house on fire? Or does she use them for revenge on the shitty kids in her high school? Hmmmm….Also on the Blu Ray


Enough Said – Excellent comedy/drama from Nicole Holofnecer (Walking and Talking) finds Elaine from Seinfeld deciding to pursue a dude (the late, great James Gandolfini in, I believe, his last role) she likes only to find that he’s her new best buddies’ ex-husband. Got that? Hi-jinks, I presume, ensue. Also on the Blu Ray.


Frutivale Station – True crime story of a dude who was gunned down by a transit cop for no reason on New Year’s Eve of 2008. Heard great things about this film.


Gasland II – Hard hitting doc about fracking and the Gas Industry. I don’t know what they’ve got their knickers in bunch over – who wouldn’t want water that can light on fire coming out of your taps?


Paradise: Hope – Last in the trilogy of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise films finds an overweight 13 year-old girl falling in love for the first time – with her 40 year-old pedophile fat-camp instructor. I imagine that this might lead to some awkward, unpleasant moments. Heard great things about this film as well. Good week for new stuff!


Parkland – Intense drama set in the Parkland Hospital on the day Kennedy (John) was shot. Seems that they’ve pretty much exhausted all things Kennedy assassination by now. I’m waiting for the film about Kennedy’s pool boy.


Rewind This! – Fun doc that follows the rise and fall of the VHS format way back in the 80’s to current day. Here that this is great good clean fun. Might even bring a tear to your nostalgic eye.


Riddick – Third instalment of the Pitch Black series finds bald, grunting Vin Diesel left for dead on a sun-baked planet where he has to fend of monsters and bounty hunters. Sounds like my last vacation. Also on the Blu Ray.


Spectacular Now – Excellent coming-of-age film about a high-school dude’s ideas and philosophy on dating and what not that are shattered when he meets a not-so-typical nice girl. My philosophy on dating in high school was not to get so nervous that it gives me gas. Hence my lonely high-school dating experience.


You’re Next – Touted as one of the best horror movies of the last little while (not that there’s much competition) finds a family getting together for a wedding that is suddenly attacked by some lousy, murderous bad guys. But what the bad guys don’t know is that one of the wedding guests has a knack for fighting back. Let the hi-jinks ensue! Also on the Blu Ray.

Old Stuff on the Shelves! All in Blu Ray!

Full Metal Jacket
Die Hard Collection

Coming Next Week

The Island

Captain Philips

Blue Jasmine
In a World
Bad Milo
Machete Kills

As promised here’s the link to Black Dog’s 100 Essential Films for your eyes to watch. This list isn’t about the best films – the Godfathers, the Citizen Kane’s – it’s about what we here at Black Dog love the most and what influenced our movie watching experiences over the years. There will probably be lots here folks might not agree with and a lot that aren’t on the list that folks might think should be included. That’s not saying that we can’t do a second list sometime down the road. For your enjoyment…read more

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great, safe, dry week and I’ll talk at you in the future. In the meantime, laugh at this if you will…

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending January 13th

Happy New Year to all you lovely, sexy readers and customers. I hope that your holiday was filled with much merriment, good feasting and impressive imbibing. And here’s the best to you all in the coming 12 months. I hope that everyone has made and then, possibly, broke their New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t have much in the line of resolutions besides the same ones that I make and then break every year – wearing pants when I leave the house, stop picking fights with the neighbourhood hobos and getting that thing, that growth checked out. Oh well.

This time of year also yields lists. Lots and lots of lists.The best of this and the worst of that and everything in between. We’re no different. We did most of the staff’s picks for 2013 in last week’s instalment. In case you missed it you can check it out here…read more… We have a couple more top picks from our illustrious staff to add this week. When I was doing up my picks I became inspired to do more lists. MAWR LISTS! So next week you can check out Black Dog’s 100 Essential Films you should see before you die. Cool beans.

New Releases for Tuesday January 7th


Berberian Sound Studio – Wicked looking thriller in the giallo vein that finds Toby Jones travelling to Italy to work the sound design on a horror film. Then life starts to imitate the art, or so I’m told. (Be on the shelf tomorrow at Cambie, good to go at Commercial)


Closed Circuit – Decent looking thriller that finds a pair of ex-lovers (Eric Bana – or Eric Blanda as I like to call him – ZING! – and Rebecca Hall) who are also lawyers defending some high profile terrorist types. Thrills and romance abound, I presume. Also on the Blu Ray.


I’m So Excited – Pedro Almodovar’s latest comedy finds plane full of folks who let loose when it looks like the plane might be going down (no that’s not a euphemism for anything, perverts). Sex, drugs, drinking and dancing ensue. Might as well go for it. Also on the Blu Ray.


Key and Peele Season 1 – Very funny sketch type comedy from two very funny dudes, Key and Peele. If you like this sort of thing you’ll like this sort of thing.


Runner Runner – Tepid looking thriller that finds Justin Timberlake (JT to his friends) trying to take down Ben Affleck (BA to his friends?), who he believes wronged him in some on-line poker game. Or something like that. Also on the Blu Ray.


Thanks for Sharing – Nice looking flick with a nice looking cast about the nice subject of sex addiction (is that really a thing?). Seems like that’s been a common affliction in the movies as of late (Shame, Don Jon). If I was still a horny teenager I’d say something along the likes of “Be cool to be a sex addict, guh-huh”. Also on the Blu Ray.


Top of the Lake – Great thriller TV series finds Peggy from Mad Men as a detective in New Zealand hot on the case of a missing girl. The great Jane Campion writes and directs some of these. This is your new favourite show.


We Are What We Are – Cool looking horror number about The Parkers – the strange family down the street who strive to “maintain their ancient customs”. Wonder what they may be? No, really. I wonder what they are? Kite flying? Hobo Cage Matches? Cannibalism?

Coming Next Week

20 Feet From Stardom
Blue Caprice
Enough Said
Fruitvale Station
The Fifth Estate
You’re Next
Gasland Part 2
The Butler
The Spectacular Now

Here’s Patrick’s likes and dislikes for 2013

1. behind the candelabra
2. drinking buddies
3. the lone ranger
4. when evening falls on bucharest or metabolism
5. this is the end
6. rewind this!
7. alan partridge: alpha papa
8. computer chess
9. wolf children
10. inside llewyn davis


1. glimpse inside the mind of charles swan III
2. pain & gain
3. don jon
4. man of steel
5. cog

RJ’s picks include

2014 was a good year for movies and I had a hard time reducing my favourites to just 10 picks.

So my favourite movies that i saw in 2014 are

1.(tie) A Touch of Sin. Jia Zhangke. 2013. How do ordinary people lose their cool and turn to violence? Well Zhangke looks to real life news stories from China for the answer and comes of with a sprawling tapestry of interwoven tales of people gone bad to explore the madness that modern China and to greater extent the entire human race. Haunting and mesmerizing!!!!

1.(tie) The Great Beauty . Paolo Sorrentino. 2013. Sorrentinos satyrical take on La Dolce Vita provides so much beauty that i didn’t want it to end. Full sharp witty dialogue this movie was so good I didn’t want it to end. Gorgeous and highly entertaining!!! Just one the many movies with middle aged people dancing to techno beats…and that can never be a bad thing.

2.Paradise Hope. Ulrich Seidl. 2103. What could sounds like a super creepy premise ends up being the most controlled and respectful take on a very taboo subject matter. I mean a movie about fat camp for junior teenagers where a 13 year old and a 40 something year old doctor develop a relationship that veers away from friendship has never been so controlled. Seidl actually likes his characters a lot…enough to make them human and not totally despicable for the sake of parody.

3.The Hunt. Thomas Vinterberg.2012. I finally got to see this movie in 2013 and it was well worth it. Again the touchy subject matter of abuse rears its head. But this time there very little doubt about the allegations. The perils of living in a small town and having your reputation destroyed has a heavy impact on everyone with some very tragic results. Its intense and riveting to the very end. Mads Mikklesen shines as he usually does. Top notch!

4.Sightseers. Ben Wheatley. 2012. The perfect blend of ultra violence and biting comedy. I was surprised how much I loved this story of socially awkward misfits going on a caravan holiday in the english countryside and ending up serial murderers. Hilarious!!!

5. Behind the Candelabra. Steven Soderbergh. 2013. Made originally for HBO this instant classic brings together the best of Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Steven Soderbergh, Dan Akroyd, and Rob Lowe!!!! OMG Rob Lowe!!!! Campy and oh sooo much fun!!! Michael Douglas is Liberace in this movie, so much that Michael Douglas is barely even noticeable.

6. No . Pablo Lohrain. 2012. The final and best part of Lohrain’s Pinochet Trilogy is a tight thrill ride centering around the advertising campaigns on either side of the Pinochet referendum. Shot in a VHS filter that transcends gimmicky, Lohrain proves that he is one the most exciting directors in the burgeoning Latin American cinema scene. Think Madmen meets political intrigue meets Almodovar.

7. Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus. Sebastian Silva. 2013. Another Latin film I loved..though it’s mostly in English and stars Micheal Cera. What I thought was a drug trip movie ended up being an insightful look into people trying to find themselves amidst drugs and partying. Gabby Hoffman stands out as the Crystal Fairy. Modest, human and infinitely relatable.

8. The Bastards (Les Salauds). Claire Denis. 2013. Denis returns with another dark puzzle of morality and depravity. Let’s just say what you say is not exactly chronological. I love movies that make you think and don’t treat the audience like spoon-fed morons. The Tindersticks return to do the score and its just as spellbinding as their previous collaberatations with Denis.

9. Spring Breakers. Harmony Korine returns to form in a very current and relevant fairy tale of youth lost in modern world of binge drinking and party excess. Neon, pulsating, stark, and biting. James Franco finds his muse and shines through but still can’t over power the strong performance from the 4 female leads, Benson, Gomez, Hudgens, and Korine.

Worst of 2013

1. Blind Detective. Johnnie To. 2013. Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen. I cant even begin to describe what’s wrong this movie. From the plot that makes zero sense or the million sub plots that make even less sense, or how about the fact that every one is constantly yelling and stuffing their faces with food at every chance. Tries too hard to be zany and gets lost in insanity and not in a good way.

2. Star Trek: into Darkness. JJ Abrahms . 2013. Beneath the lens flares lies a seriously awful one dimensional bastardization of a beloved franchise. No likeable characters, a plot that makes no sense, and the worst use of Leonard Nimoy ever. I actually hate this movie. And almost never hate any movie.

3. Oz the Great and Powerful. Raimi has lost it….or maybe Disney made him make an awful movie. Regardless, it’s real bad. No excuses. You can even tell the cast knows it too. Return to Oz takes a big dump all over this disaster.

4. Liberal Arts. Josh Radnor. 2013. Josh Radnor desperately wants to us convince he’s cool. Yes he’s that guy from the awful How I Met Your Mother. This movie is hilarious and for all the wrong reasons. The dialogue gives Dawson’s Creek a run for its money when it comes to realistic dialogue. Its just really sad.

Best of TV

1. Breaking Bad . AMC. So damn good. Proof not every ending has to suck. Ozmandyas is the best TV episode Ive ever seen.

2. Top of the Lake. BBC. Jane Campion’s mini series is top of the heap too. I haven’t been so emotionally involved in a TV show almost ever.

3. Madmen. AMC. This show just gets better and better. The best season yet. The evolution of the characters in this show is unprecedented.

4. Enlightened. HBO. This severely under appreciated series was cancelled. Sadly but nothing on TV compared to it in the emotional maturity department.

5. South Park. Another show that gets better and better. I will never forget the Hobbit.

most disappointing TV

1.True blood. Go home True blood you’ re drunk.

2.the walking dead. This show gets worse and worse every season.

That’s it for this week folks. Be sure to tune in for our Essential 100 films in the next installment…Until then go on vacation with Neil Patrick Harris. Have a Margarita. Or 10…

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