Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 2nd

There won’t be doing a proper newsletter this week (I’ll explain next week) but here’s a little taste of what’s coming out on Tuesday…

At any Price – Dennis Quaid is a farmer, Zac Efron is his rebellious car-loving son. Drama ensues.

The Colony – The future looks bleak and cold in this Canadian thriller. Lawrence Fishbourne leads a rag-tag assembly of humans trying to survive the cold and some monsters or something. Also on Blu ray.

Great Gatsby – Leo DeCaprio and others liven up this glitzy take on the classic story. Also on Blu Ray.

Kon-Tiki – Great little Oscar nominated flick from Norway about explorer Thor Heisenburg (not too sure about the last name) as he recreates a 8000 km trek across the ocean on a wooden raft. Not really my idea of a vacation. Available in both Norway language and English (it was shot in both languages) and on Blu Ray.

Mud – Matthew McConaughey continues his winning ways in this fine little crime thriller. Mud is his name and mud might be his game! Also on the Blu Ray.

1939: Battle of Westerplatte – Poland vs the Nazis in the beginning of WWII. Wonder who prevails?

Reality – A fishmonger becomes a contestant on a reality show in this sweet little satire form the director of the amazing Gommorah.

Pain and Gain – Lots of muscles abound when the Rock and Marky Mark attempt to pull a heist. Warning – it’s directed by Michael Bay. Also on the Blu Ray.

Shadow Dancer – Fine thriller starring the Clive Owen about going undercover in the IRA. Tension and drama, I presume, ensue.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 – Mawr bikers to beat you with pool cues!

Still Mine – Swell little Canadian number about an old man trying to build a nice house for his ailing wife and running into stupid government regulations and stuff.

Walking Dead Season 3 – Mawr zombies to eat your face.

That’s it for this week, next week we’ll be back to normal. Whatever that is.

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 26th

So I was reading with interest yet another article about the demise of video rental stores across this great land. It was a piece in the Toronto Star about the state of that fair city’s video biz. There was nothing new or surprising to be found – sales are down in all stores, customers are flocking to online sources like Netflix and iTunes, yadda yadda. A couple of days later this article appeared from The Film Buff – a great indie store in T-dot – As usual the reporter in the original Star piece left out most of the meat of the interview, instead focusing on what angle his editors wanted to story to take. I’ve been the victim of this kind of reporting a few times over the years. You really have to be on guard when being interviewed I must say. It got me to thinking (again – the thought is never far from my brains) about Black Dog and what the future might hold for us. At times over the course of the summer it has looked bleak but the article also gave me a shot of hope for said future. I think that because of the nature of our stores – a great catalogue of amazing, weird, fun and above all, important films – most of which you can’t find on Netflix or wherever – will keep us alive and relevant for a while at least. Who knows how long? It’s impossible to tell but we’ll keep this thing going as long as we can. I shouldn’t be worried about the customers that we’ve lost but be thankful and for the customers that appreciate what we do.
Part of the article mentioned a list of films that Spike Lee gives to his film class at NYU that he considers essential for any aspiring filmmaker or any lover of cinema. It’s not a list of very obscure films – – but for Netflix, it seems that it is; the USA version of Netflix has only 4 while Canada does marginally better with 8. Out of the 86 films listed Black Dog has 81. Not too shabby. So if you’re a lover of cinema like we are, you know where to go. Make sure you tell you friends, your enemies, your neighbours, that brown dog on the corner and whoever else might listen.

New Releases for Tuesday August 20th

Aftershock – Weird violent action horror finds Eli Roth hanging out in Chile with his buds trying to score chicks and all that jazz. Then an earthquake destroys the town and they must contend with looters, gangs, honey badgers, aftershocks and Eli Roth’s questionable acting chops. (At Commercial – soon at Cambie) [youtube][/youtube]

Amour – From the great Michael Haneke (Funny Games) comes this sad and intense tale of an elderly couple dealing with a stoke that Anne suffers at breakfast. The most important meal of the day, my ass. Winner of Best Foreign Film and a fistful of other awards. [youtube][/youtube]

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 – Nucky and his shady pals are back in this violent, excellent, epic show. Big fan of this am I.  [youtube][/youtube]

Emperor – WWII history dealy that finds that doctor guy from Lost hanging out with crusty Tommy Lee Jones as General MacArthur. They have to decide if Emperor Hirohito should be hanged or not. Tough decision I imagine. I love that one of the warnings on for the film is for “historical smoking”. Also on the Blu Ray. At Commercial today, tomorrow at Cambie. [youtube][/youtube]

Endeavour Series 1 – Excellent BBC series about a detective detecting things – probably a case of murder, a murder most foul! – back in the year 1965. [youtube][/youtube]

Epic – Fine animated family fare about a civilization of forest dwellers and things living in a teenager’s backyard. Of course she gets shrunken down to their size and must battle some evil forest folk for the fate of their world…and ours! Or something like that. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Graceland – Well regarded thriller from The Philippines about a kidnapping gone wrong and the dad who must navigate the slimy criminal underworld to find his missing daughter before it’s too late. Yes please! [youtube][/youtube]

Hatchet 3 – OK I have to admit that I’m a fan of the Hatchet films. They’re dumb, stupid and dumb but they are also gory as hell with great effects and nice imaginative ways to butcher meddling teenagers. Bring on number 3! And bonus points for having Kane Hodder as the creepy indestructible killer. [youtube][/youtube]

Home Again – Excellent indie drama that follows three people recently deported back to Jamaica from the US, Canada and England who must find their way in an unfamiliar culture. Jamaica isn’t just all Bob Marley and weed. [youtube][/youtube]

The Killing Season – Tired and old DeNiro (for some reason he’s supposed to only be 43 in this!) cavorts around a Bosnian forest with John Travolta, sporting an awesome chin-strap beard, playing tag or building a fort or trying to kill each other for some reason or something like that. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

No One Lives – Horror number about a band of highway killers (whatever that is) who attack the wrong couple and have the tables turned on them. Turned on them but good! [youtube][/youtube]

Scooby-Doo: Stage Fright – The gang is back to take on someone haunting something or other. For some reason we also have this on Blu Ray at the Cambie store. [youtube][/youtube]

The Silence – Excellent looking German thriller about a 13 year-old girl who disappears at the same location of a murder of a young girl some 23 years earlier. Are the two cases connected? What’s going on? Who is that lurking in the shadows? This one’s high on my list of must-watches. [youtube][/youtube]

Solomon Kane – Wizards, weaponry and bloody mayhem are a dish best served cold. Or hot. Your choice. A ruthless mercenary renounces his violent ways only to be drawn back in for “one more case!” Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

The Thick of It – Most excellent BBC comedy series about the shenanigans and goings-ons at the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship. Stars the great Peter Capaldi. This fine series was the inspiration for the great film In the Loop and the TV series Veep. You’re welcome!

What Maisie Knew – Little Maisie is caught up in a custody battle between her parents. I think that she knows something. But what could it be? Secret of the universe? It’s 42 in case you were wondering. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Pain & Gain
Shadow Dancer
Sons of Anarchy Season 5
Still Mine
Walking Dead Season 3
Among Friends
1939: Battle of Westerplatte
A Company Man
At Any Price
The Colony
The Great Gatsby

We Saw This and You Should As Well

Boardwalk Empire S 3
Enlightened Season 2
Girls Season 2
Olympus Has Fallen
Magic Magic
West of Memphis
On the Road

Nothing can ruin a film quite like some bad dubbing. Or even good dubbing for that matter. But sometimes some really bad dubbing can make a bad film not only worse but much better. Here’s some really bad dubbing for your enjoyment…[youtube][/youtube]

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 19th

So I’m going to cure cancer. How am I going to cure cancer, you ask? By playing hockey of course. Makes sense. No, I’m not high or drunk (well, not really). I’ll be participating in a charity road hockey thingy in September where the proceeds go the BC Cancer Foundation. I’m usually not one to shill for things in the newsletter but if any of you fine folks would like to sponsor me while I cure cancer, that’d be swell. I know that there are probably better agencies to donate to in the fight against this shitty disease as not all of the money donated to the larger corporate Cancer charities – “Big Cancer” as I like to call it – goes strictly into the research. But I like to believe that doing this charity event is a positive thing. I’ll be playing with local rock legends The Odds and if you’d like to donate you can follow the link here, Team Odds, player Darren Gay. I’ll even through in a free rental for any donations over $25, just to sweeten the pot a bit. Stupid cancer, you’re going down!

The gonch is going fast! If you haven’t already scored a pair, please stop in and ensconce your nether regions in the finest fabrics known to humankind..$15 for women’s and $25 for men’s – tax included!




New Releases for Tuesday August 13th

Angles’ Share – Brand spanking new Ken Loach film follows a fresh dad, who just narrowly missed going to jail for some reason, as he finds solace and inspiration in a whiskey distillery he visits with his blokes. If there’s a better place to find inspiration and solace in this crazy world, then I don’t want to know about it. [youtube][/youtube]

Big Wedding – My gawd, Robert DeNiro, what the hell happened to you? Did you need another helicopter landing pad on your roof? Just look at the dismal cover for this dreck. You’ve gone from intense Taxi Driver to a fake-laughing bearded monkey. For shame. Even the name is awful. Big Wedding. Shit, is that the best you could come up with, Hollywood hacks. The “film” revolves around a recently divorced couple who pretend to be married for some lousy wedding. Ugh, that’s not even sitcom-worthy. This looks so lame that I wouldn’t watch this pile of puke with your eyes. But don’t let me stop you. [youtube]–83R-9Dabg[/youtube]

Coast Modern – Great locally produced doc about west coast modernist architecture. You like dwellings? You addicted to those house porn shows? Then you must check this out. [youtube][/youtube]

The Company You Keep – Nice to see that leathery Robert Redford is employing his peers (Nick Nolte, Julie Christie, Sam Elliot and many more) as he directs and stars in this tale of a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run when he’s outed by some meddling reporter. It’s a fine little thriller, if not overly long and draggy in places. Brit Marling steals the show (in my opinion anyways) as she’s likely to do. Bonus points for having a scene filmed in a laundry place on the Drive. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Enlightened Season 2 – Second and, unfortunately, last season of this fine show starring Laura Dern as a self-destructive woman who has a breakdown and then has some sort of spiritual awakening (at a Grateful Dead show, perhaps? that’s where my spiritual awakening happened – or maybe it was the acid) which leads to turmoil in her home and professional life. Good stuff. [youtube][/youtube]

Girls Season 2 – Mawr girls! If you haven’t watched this show yet then you haven’t seen it. You should correct that. Good stuff! [youtube][/youtube]

Liberal Arts – Very good little indie drama/comedy that finds a dude returning for his professor’s retirement party where he meets one of the Olsen sisters – don’t worry it’s the talented one, Elizabeth – and they fall madly in love. Word has it that this indie darling is the shit (that means is good in street language).  [youtube][/youtube]

Olympus has Fallen – Here’s reason # 435 why Hollywood is a stupid place; this particular action film was one of two films that came out this year about terrorists attacking the friggin’ White House. While that might be cool in real life, do we have to have two films on the same subject released within months of each other? This one has the Morgan Freeman, the Gerald Butler and Aaron Eckhart as The President (I imagine he gets to kick a little ass at some point). Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Political Animals – Warning! There are no actual animals in this show. No penguins. No wildebeest. No nothing! Just Sigourney Weaver starring as a former first lady, now divorced, who is currently serving as Secretary of State. Sounds a little familiar, no? Also stars the amazing Ciarán Hinds and Ellen Burstyn so it has that going for it. [youtube][/youtube]

The Sapphires – Singy-dancey thing from Australia that follows four aboriginal girls as they attain some sort of stardom as they entertain the troops in Nam (Viet). [youtube][/youtube]

Vanishing Waves – Cool looking erotic sci-fi number from Lithuania about a neuron-transfer scientist who experiments with the thoughts of a comatose young woman. How can you not go wrong with that?! Won scads of awards around the globe including the cool mini film-fest held at the Rio last fall. Heard nothing but good things. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Boardwalk Empire Season 3
What Maisie Knew
Solomon Kane
No One Lives
5 Shells
The Killing Season
Hatchet 3
Home Again

Recently Viewed and You Should Too

The Company You Keep

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Wild Bill
Enlightened Season 2
Angels’ Share
Evil Dead
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Top Renters, Yo!

G.I. Joe Retaliation
Welcome to the Punch
Dead Man Down
Place Beyond the Pines
Stories We tell
House of Cards

In case you missed it or need something that’ll make you smile, check this out…(gets to the good stuff around 1:48)  [youtube][/youtube]

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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 12th

So the August long weekend has passed. What is the excuse for getting this day off in the summertime? Family-Style-Happy-Day? National Catfish Celebratory Day? Romance Awareness Fun-Time-Day? Doesn’t really matter, does it? A holiday is a holiday. It was also very nice to get a day of rain on Friday. And not just because we’ve had a crazy run of gorgeous weather and everything around us seems to be dying, but also the video stores needed a good watering as well. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. As much as I enjoy the great weather I can’t let myself fully appreciate it as it throws our business in the mud and kicks it in the head with an iron boot. This summer has been particularly brutal for us. We’ve been scratching our collective heads trying to figure out the cause. Besides the usual blow darts to the back of the neck reasons like illegal and legal downloading, Netfilx, internets, birdwatching and dog petting there are a myriad of other factors that are bumming us out such as the aforementioned record of horrible sunny days and, to be honest here, a poor selection of New Releases in the past months or so. All of these factors have added up to a fairly stressful summer for us so far. Check out the rating of the top DVD rentals on the internets. (These top rentals don’t really reflect what rents well at our stores but you get the idea)

photo copy 2

The good news, and it was good news, is the rains definitely helped us on Friday and the slate for films due for release in August and September is unusually strong. So we’ll continue to hang in there and hope for the odd day of wetness to cheer us up. In the worlds of Monty Burns, “Ever since the dawn of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun!”.

While many of you see our glorious summer as something like this…



I see it more along these lines…


Oh, and don’t forget about the fabulous Black Dog underwear now on sale at both stores. You’ll be the envy of all your friends and neighbours (well the one’s that can see you in your underthings that is)! They’re selling fast (some peeps are coming back for a second pair already).

New Releases for Tuesday August 6th

Community Season 4 – Never have I seen this show. Heard that there’s some fine laughs to be had, did I. [youtube][/youtube]

Ginger & Rosa – Fine little drama about a couple of best friends growing up in London under the darkening clouds of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then something happens to the two young lasses that changes their lives forever. What could it be? A talking dog? Poison monkey attack? UFO abduction? Directed by Sally Potter (Orlando).  [youtube][/youtube]

Magic Magic – Cool looking horror thriller about a naive girl’s trek through Chile with some friends. They meet up with evil Michael Cera and things take a turn for the nasty. Anyone else having a hard time picturing an evil Michael Cera? He looks pretty mean on the box with his furrowed brow and all. [youtube][/youtube]

Place Beyond the Pines – The Gosling is a motorcycle stunt guy who tries his hand at robbing banks as a means to support his lady friend and her sprog. Handsome Bradley Cooper is the guy to try to stop him. Much drama and motorcycle chases, I presume, ensues. Heard this one’s quite excellent. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Oblivion – The Tom Cruise stars in this poorly-written but great looking sci-fi thriller (much was filmed in Iceland and it looks terrific). Tom and his lady friend patrol the earth after some sort of alien holocaust maintaining some giant machines that seem to be doing something. Morgan Freeman shows up for a spell as a sort of lame Morpheus type character. Worth a watch as it hums along and is quite entertaining even if you you don’t care for the Cruise or good scripts. Also on the Blu Ray.  [youtube][/youtube]

On the Road – Adaptation of the famed Kerouac novel stars Twilight and some other folk as they traipse around America looking for some sort of meaning in their lives. Directed by the dude that made Motorcycle Diaries.  [youtube][/youtube]

Starlet – Much ballyhooed, by those who like to ballyhoo, flick about an unlikely friendship that is formed when 21 year-old Jane meets octogenarian Sadie at a yard sale. You meet the most interesting folk at yard sales.  [youtube][/youtube]

To the Wonder – Boy, Terence Malick is just cranking them out these days. This one finds Ben Affleck wandering around fields of wheat expressing deep thoughts about his Russian bride, his childhood sweetheart, Javier Bardem and those fields of wheat he spends lots of time in. Also on the Blu Ray.  [youtube][/youtube]

West of Memphis – Great documentary about the miscarriage of justice that was the famed Memphis Three case where 3 dumb guys were tried for the brutal murders of three young boys because they liked heavy metal music (the not-so-bright fellas liked the heavy metal, not the kids, although the kids may have liked it as well, I just don’t know). Excellent stuff here. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Olympus Has Fallen
Liberal Arts
Enlightened Season 2
Girls Season 2
The Company You Keep
Angels Share
Big Wedding

Recently Enjoyed…

Place Beyond the Pines
West of Memphis
Breaking Bad
Orphan Black
House I Live In

Enjoy another bloody beautiful week. Be safe and happy and hopefully laugh at this…