Black Dog Video Newsletter for the week April 27 to May 3rd “Playoffs are Over Edition!”



Well, that was short and not particularly sweet. The playoffs are over for the local sporting team. Canucks are done. Time to get back to what is really important (besides actual life stuff) – watching movies! Good selection of films for your lovely eyes to feast upon this week.

New Releases


Almighty Johnsons – No, this is not a TV series from New Zealand about a bunch of large penises solving crimes or something like that. It’s a TV series from New Zealand about four brothers who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse gods. Drama and comedy, with or without big dicks, ensue.


The Boy Next Door – J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez to you non-internet, non-hip-talking folks) has an affair with her much younger next door neighbor with unsavory results. She also pensively looks out a window. I hear that this is quite a hilarious film. Too bad it’s not a comedy.


Cake – J-An (Jennifer Anniston for all you…) plays a therapy patient who becomes fascinated with the suicide of a woman in her support group. Drama, and all that it entails, ensue.


The Gambler – Marky-Mark, taking time out from pretending he’s a good guy and not a racist thug, plays a fella with a gambling problem. He gambles, loses a bunch of money and, I presume, has one more shot at redemption. Expect some drama and many scenes of card playing and shifty eyes.


Inherent Vice – PTA (Paul Thomas Anderson for those of you…) brings Thomas Pynchon’s novel to life in this fantastic (to some, boring to others) comedy/drama-modern-noir-gumshoe-thriller that finds drug-fueled Joaquin Phoenix on the case of a missing girlfriend. I so wanted to see this on the big screen, but alas…


Paddington – Fine family affair about a bear from Peru (?!) who travels to London for some reason – presumably he’s on vacation as London is a prime destination for bears from all over the world – who gets lost and then meets the Brown family who take him in. Does Paddington slaughter, eat and bury the Brown’s half-devoured remains in a shallow grave or is he the kind of bear who all friendly and cuddly? Only one way to find out!


The Wedding Ringer – Some sort of comedy, that sounds suspiciously like that Adam Sandler film – The Wedding Dinger? Blinger? Zinger? Finger? I can’t remember. So many Adam Sandler movies, so little time. This one doesn’t have Adam Sandler in it but instead stars Kevin Hart as a shy guy that’s getting married who hires a best man from a company that does this sort of thing. At least that what I think it’s about. Don’t really care, to be honest.


Wolf Hall – British costume drama about Henry the VIII. Drama, intrigue, Thomas Cromwell, a Pope, possibly some cross-dressing judging by the photo and, probably, some beheadings all figure into this well-received drama series.

Coming Next Week

Black or White
Black Sea
Broadchurch S2
Halt and Catch Fire
Lost River
Love, Rosie
Masters of Sex S2
Mr. Turner
Playing it Cool
Fifty Shades of Grey

Recently Watched and Recommended

Inherent Vice
Adventure Time
The Babadook

And even more recommendations here!

Keep on keeping on, Vancovuer

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