So I was listening to the CBC yesterday and they were talking to Leonard Schein, who owns the Park Theatre and Fifth Avenue Cinemas, about actors smoking in films and how he would like to change the rating system to throw a restricted rating on films that contained scenes of rampant smoking. I couldn’t help but think how absurd this idea is. I think that there is a big difference between smoking and violence and sex and whatever else might constitute a need for a film being restricted. Yes, its true that cigarette companies sometimes pay the studios to have the actors smoke in some films but a lot of people smoke walking around town. A lot of people don’t have sex and fight in public (not in my neighborhood anyways). I find it hard to believe that kids are that dumb these days that if they see someone light up in a movie that they’ll run out and start smoking. Smacks a bit of censorship if you ask me. I was also surprised that this was coming from someone who owns several theatres as it would hurt his business if this idea is put into movie law. Just layin’ out my two cents.

On a fun note – the new Black Dog T-shirts have arrived! And they look pretty awesome (more two cents). They come in various sizes, three different colours and will be available at both stores in the next day or so for a measly $20. You’ll look fabulous, dawling!

New Releases for Tuesday February 22nd

Black Heaven – Trippy looking French thriller about an online (on the computer via the internets) sexy cyber blond avatar that seduces dudes into committing suicide for some reason. The box says it’s “Dangerously Seductive” so beware.

For Coloured Girls – I was hoping to watch this latest Tyler Perry thing but I am pretty sure that I am not a woman of colour so I can’t (so says the title).

Due Date – Another road -trip type comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and the ubiquitous Zach Galifianakas. Might be funny. If you want funny watch Galifianakas’ Between Two Ferns. Now that’s funny. Also on the Blu Ray.

Get Low – Funny little drama about an old coot, Robert Duvall, who wants to throw a wake for himself before he kicks the bucket. The always great Bill Murray plays the undertaker (no not the wrestler of the same name). Also on the Blu Ray.

Megamind – Another animated thingy about superheroes and stuff. Has the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and some newcomer named Brad Pitt. Also on Blu Ray.

My Year without Sex – Ahhh! That’s about all I can say. Actually I’ll say a little more. From what I’ve heard (from the back of the box) it’s a drama/comedy about a family dealing with a bunch of stuff, some of which, I’m led to believe, is the lack of sex between old mum and dad. Kids ruin everything!

Nurse Jackie Season 2 – Eddie Falco returns for season 2 of nursing and drugs. Haven’t seen this show but word on the street is that all the kids are lovin’ it. It is available at the Cambie location but it is late arriving at Commercial. Hopefully in the next few days. Sorry about that folks.

Weeds Season 6 – More shenanigans with those lovable pot dealers. Pretty good show at times I must say. Again it is late at both locations but will be on the shelves no later than Friday. My apologies.

Coming Next Week

  • Burlesque
  • Alanna
  • Transcendent Man
  • Faster
  • 127 Hours
  • Love and other Drugs


Ever wonder what Moby’s favorite films are? Me neither. But here they are anyways…

Here’s a fun little article about some underrated sci-fi films. I love me a good sci-fi film I tells ya.

There’s a pile of sequels/prequels and whatever rehash they can come up with coming out this year. Here’s a sneak peak. And yes, Hollywood is officially creatively bankrupt.,51941/

Lots of stuff happening in Canadian film so says the First Weekend Club –

Yo, have a good week, yo!

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